Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Two Dems hyped debunked “whitey” tape

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.com makes that point with extracts from Jim Geraghty’s NRO post:

... If the media is going to write about the debunked "whitey" tape, particularly as a trigger for Obama's anti-smear site, there's really no excuse for not mentioning the two sources more responsible than anyone else for hyping the story: pro-Hillary blogger Larry Johnson and Democratic strategist Bob Beckel, who appeared on Fox News claiming a "mighty big shoe" was about to drop regarding Michelle Obama. . . .

The behavior of the mainstream media is sending a clear message to those of us on the right: do not ever help out the Obama campaign, even if you think the world would be well-served by debunking a ridiculous accusation, because no one will ever remember your efforts to get to the truth. Instead, you'll get blamed for spreading the malicious rumors. …
Geraghty’s post is here. He has much more to say and provides links.

As for Reynolds, few bloggers do a better job of highlighting the most telling portions of other bloggers' posts and then adding what Bill O’Reilly calls “pithy comments.”

That’s why I visit Instapundit.com every day.


justice58 said...

lol...The "whitey" video was laughable on it's face from the beginning. It seems if Larry Johnson is going to spread a lie that is so ridiculous, he should first take a lesson in black culture. Black people do not use the word "whitey" to refer to white people! That word "whitey" is straight out of 70's sit-coms, used by white people!

White people use the word "whitey" when referring to black people talking about white people.

Rolling My Eyes!

Anonymous said...

Lefties are a shameless lot.