Friday, June 20, 2008

The Churchill Series - Jun. 20, 2008

(One of a series of weekday posts about the life of Winston S. Churchill.)

Today I'll offer some Churchill facts and ask whether you can help confirm others

His favorite whiskey? Johnnie Walker.

But did he prefer JW Black, Red, Green, Blue, etc?

His favorite brandy? Hine.

But which of Hine's brandies?

His favorite champagne? Pol Roger.

His first confirmed purchase of Pol Roger?

The firm has a purchase request from 1908, when Churchill was 34.

His favorite PR vintage?

1928. For many years PR sent him a case a week of its '28.

Now this quote I came upon recently for the first time in a newspaper article: “Between a crisis and a catastrophe, there’s always time for a glass of Champagne.”

It's a great quote, but did Churchill really say it?

It sounds like something he'd say, but I tend to doubt it because I think most of his biographers would have been unable to resist using it.
Can any of you confirm the quote as "a Churchill."

Cheers and see you Monday.



Anonymous said...

The Drink.
When I was a ute, I thought The Drink was Canadian whisky.
Seagram's or Canadian Club.

Older, went to Ireland and thought the drink had to be Bushmills.
Triple distilled.

Still older, went to Scotland where they only distill twice.
They advised that the Irish needed 3 distillations to get it right.
The Drink became single malt scotch.

I took the Bourbon tour in Kentucky.
The Drink is now, Bourbon.
This Bourbon, has a beautiful history.
Google/Yahoo up the Whiskey Rebellion.

From an unbiased drinker, that is, a Michigander.