Wednesday, June 18, 2008

McClatchy’s Sacbee 14 – N&O 10

McClatchy Watch reports McClatchy’s flagship Sacramento Bee’s June 17, 2008 “A” section contained just 14 pages.

The same day, McClatchy’s Raleigh News & Observer’s “A” section contained 10 pages.

According to Market Watch at 10:20 ET today, June 18, McClatchy was trading at 7.85, close to its 52-week low of 7.51 and down from a 52-week high of 28.73.

During the first half of 2005, McClatchy treaded as high as 75.


Anonymous said...

Just what McClatchy needed:

I was not checking on Melanie Sill, but a search on CA government news. Ms. Sill’s name just came up, and it seems she has gotten herself into hot water by publishing a database of state workers’ salaries. The State Workers’ Union was not happy. She actually had a protest against her in particular, and the Sac Bee in general.

It looks to me as if this protest against her included a full force effort to shut down the newspaper. They even have a campaign against all the paper’s advertisers.

Right or wrong, I doubt Melanie contemplated hundreds of comments on her physical appearance, subscription cancellations by union families, the animosity gendered between taxpayers and state workers, and advertisers being blitzed by angry customers.

What a mess she has created, and a commenter feared the teachers’ union might join the Sac Bee boycott.

I don’t know how successful the protest was, but if she is looking for a tenacious enemy, any union is a good choice. I don’t feel one bit sorry for her, heartless person that I am.