Friday, June 20, 2008

Black judges, lawyers cheer Wright, Pfleger

A news report in today’s Chicago Sun-Times should disturb every American concerned with the fair treatment of all citizens in our courts and the responsible administration of justice.

The S-T report begins:

About 600 of Chicago’s top African-American lawyers and judges gave standing ovations Thursday to two preachers who’ve been vilified in recent months for their sermons that went nationwide on the Web.

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the Rev. Michael Pfleger became headaches for Democrat Barack Obama’s presidential campaign when their controversial comments became fodder for conservative talk-show hosts.

Wright said “God damn America” in arguing that American foreign policy helped bring on the 9/11 attacks. Pfleger said Hillary Clinton resented Obama as a black man taking the nomination she felt was hers.

But despite the heat on them, the two clergymen kept a previously scheduled date to double-team the annual banquet of the Cook County Bar Association, the country’s oldest black lawyers’ association.

Sticking a finger in the eye of Wright’s chief critic, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, Pfleger introduced Wright by listing his degrees, then saying, “And, Mr. O’Reilly, he was a Marine!”

And Wright jabbed comedian Bill Cosby, who has been critical of how many African Americans have been raising their children.

“I have no problem with Cosby . . . going around the country diagnosing our problems,” Wright said. But Wright said he preferred the actions of so many of the lawyers and judges who attend his church and work with his youth programs. …
The entire S-T report’s here.

Revs. Wright and Plfeger have histories of making racist, sexist and anti-American remarks. That 600 judges and attorneys would stand and cheer them is therefore very troubling.

Would the 600 cheer Revs. who made anti-black remarks? Of course not.

Would they want attorneys and judges who cheer white racists holding sway over them within our court system? Of course not.

What is in the heads of those African-American judges and attorneys that leads them to cheer a cleric who’s said our government deliberately spread the AIDS virus to hold down the black population?

The knowledge that there are 600 such judges and attorneys in just one America city is deeply troubling. How can such people responssibly administer the laws of the land when they carry in their heads whatever psychic poison it is that gets them on their feet and cheering Wright and Pflegger?

The two are abominations who ought to be shunned.

Hat tip: Archer 05


RedMountain said...

When Bill Clinton gets applause, is it because of his "I did not have sex with that woman" remark. Perhaps they applaud for another reason, John. Just maybe the judges attending are being judged to harshly. Do they convict someone on the guilty by association rule?

On a side note, Obama attended a different church on fathers day and his message to the church as well as many other messages from the pulpit of that church can be purchased on that church's website. Rest assured, there are many folks scouring the tapes for a sound-bite.

Anonymous said...

Good point, redmountain.
This website is beginning to look crazy with all the right wing knee-jerk posts. Don't know what this place would be without the HATE OBAMA crowd.

Anonymous said...

"Hate" Obama? I think not. Rather some of us recognize the obvious fact that Mr. Obama is a very two-dimensional slick politician who is not experienced enough to be seeking the highest office in the land. One doesn't hate someone like Mr. Obama, one simply prays that he stays in the Senate where he can do little harm and where he is surrounded by others of his calibre.
Tarheel Hawkeye

JWM said...

To RM,

Is there anything in your first paragraph that counters the concerns citizens wanting the responsible administration of justice will have knowing there's at least one city in America where 600 judges and attorneys stand and cheer a man who claims the U. S. government deliberately spread the AIDS virus as a means of holding down the size of America's black population?

As for your second paragraph, Obama's remarks have been widely reported in MSM. They've not been dismissed by pro-Obama news organizations such as Newsweek as mere "snippets" as Newsweek did with Rev. Wright's racist and anti-American remarks.

To Anon @10:57,

No readers should be unhappy at a blog. There are millions of others out there.

There are many people who comment here who respect Ms. Obama's right on go on The View and explain what panty hose do to her.

But they would rather she explain what she meant when she said America is "a downright mean country."

They'd also like to know why she sat all those years at Trinity listening to Rev. Wright's racist, anti-American sermons (remember "KKK-America" and "God damn America") and then decided with her husband to bring their children to Wright and his church for their religious instruction.

Wanting to know the answers to those and other very important questions about the Obama's doesn't mean people are part of a "HATE OBAMA crowd;" just that they're very likely thoughtful people who care about the kind of people who want to occupy The White House.

That said, I can understand that people who raise such questions would upset supporters of Sen. and Ms. Obama.

In fact, those questions seem to upset the Obamas themselves, don't they?


Anonymous said...

tarheel hawkeye, all you say might be true, but don't underestimate him.
David Brooks explains.

Archer05 said...

It is a voter’s duty to look closely at presidential candidates. In our freedom of speech country, discussing any incident that shapes our opinions, was once considered political discourse.

In the intimidating atmosphere that surrounds Senator Obama, it seems like any comment, no matter of the merit, is said to be racist or hateful, to stifle the discussion.

The spectacle described in the Sun Times article has no logical explanation except abject racism, in my opinion. Had any white group given a standing ovation to David Duke, there would be no end to the outcry. I have started to think that the people crying racism, are in fact the racists themselves!

Archer05 said...

Guilt by association deciding who could be political candidates in Chicago? I can imagine that would be a problem.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 11.51:
In the wonderful world of politics, virtually anything is possible. The American voters are the ones I underestimate, and it would appear many people are being taken for a ride by Mr. Obama. It's interesting how many of Mr. Obama's acolytes immediately accuse others of hating Mr. Obama when we simply question his bona fides.
If you get the chance, read "The True Believer" by Eric Hoffer. Chapter One is entitled "The Desire For Change" and in it Hoffer points out that most mass movements are predicated on the desire of the masses for change in their circumstances. Never mind that the leaders of these movements usually have neither the desire nor the ability to effect such changes, the followers stay convinced long enough for the "leader" to achieve his or her aim. I believe that Mr. Obama will become better known to the electorate by the time next November rolls around and he will suffer defeat at the polls.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 11:00,
I disagree. He's only one (1) dimensional. That one (1) dimension was explained quite adequately by Reverent Wright when he said that Senator Obama is just a politician. Never-the-less he seems quite capable of convincing that fellow over at DiW, which I find to be frightening.

Anonymous said...

I think you had it just right before.
Diva Cat, Diva Debrah, and Diva KC.
In that order.
It is surprising that Obama has convinced so many people that he is sincere. Some like to be deceived.

justice58 said...

"But they would rather she explain what she meant when she said America is "a downright mean country."
Mrs. Obama did not say America is "a downright mean country"!

Anonymous said...

Justice 58:
Just for the record, The New Yorker magazine, in a puff-piece about Mrs. Obama dated Mar 10, 2008, quoted her as saying "America is a downright mean country." She said it in Jan, 2008 at the Pee Dee Union Baptist Church in Cheraw, SC. If she didn't say that, she's got a bone to pick with The New Yorker.
Tarheel Hawkeye