Sunday, June 15, 2008

Informal notes from Britain (post 2)

For background to this post, see Informal Notes from Britain(post 1).

I promised to say more about the overwhelmingly positive response of almost all Britons I’ve met to Sen. Barack Obama as a public figure as well as to his almost certain nomination as the Dems’ presidential candidate.

As a public figure Obama’s liked here for many of the same reasons people in the States like him: he’s “new,” “open,” “seems not like those others,” “reminds me of Kennedy,” and “we need someone young who’ll do new things.”

As in the States, Obama’s opposition to the Iraq war counts a lot in his favor.

Almost no one here knows who Tony Rezko is or anything about Obama’s connections to the Daley machine.

A few know Obama has a pastor who says “crazy things,” but they appear to think Jeremiah Wright just started saying those things and surprised Obama, who then quickly denounced Wright’s ravings. (Hey, isn’t that just what Team Obama wants everyone to believe?)

In sum, most people here are feeling very positive about Obama, but they know him at the level of the 15-second campaign ad.

As for Obama the Dems’ presidential nominee, everyone I’ve talked with thinks that’s a good thing for America.

But people differ on why it would be a good thing for America.

I’ll get into that in the next “notes” post.

Now, let’s talk about the price of gas a/k/a petrol in the U. K.

With averaging and rounding, and remembering as some of you cautioned that an Imperial gallon is not the same as what we in the States call a gallon, and using 3.78 liters = a gallon, a gallon of regular here costs the equivalent of about $8.80 to $9.00.

One of you provided on the thread of the first notes post the following:

A site for current UK gas prices:

You may enter your postal location to locate the lowest price nearby.

A chart at the site claims an average of 1.17 UK pounds per liter = $8.86 per US gallon. Yow!

A breakdown of UK petrol taxes may be found here:

The Brits need their own revolution.
I thank that person and the others of you who’ve commented on the thread.

I plan to post on the petrol/tax situation in Britain.

Also, one more “notes” post.

Rushing now, but not too hurried to reassure you all about lager and ale here: as great as ever.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the world sees the States, and vice versa.

We all are a bunch of ignoramouses when it comes to knowing each other.