Friday, April 04, 2008

Sounds like, sounds like ...

The AP reports:

In chilling videos shown to a jury Friday, men accused of plotting to bring down jetliners over the Atlantic called for revenge for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and praised Osama bin Laden.

Six of the eight defendants videotaped messages denouncing the West for what they said was its suppression of Muslims, prosecutor Peter Wright said as he outlined his case to jurors at a London court. ...

"I say to the nonbelievers, as you bomb, you will be bombed. As you kill, you will be killed," said Umar Islam, 29, as he angrily wagged a finger at the camera, denouncing the U.S. and Britain for their role in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories. ...
"I say to the nonbelievers, as you bomb, you will be bombed. As you kill, you will be killed."

That sounds like who?

You don't know?

Hint: "America's chickens coming home to roost."

Ah, now you know.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Ok, but why didn't Sen. Barack Obama, a very smart man, know what his close friend and pastor said the Sunday after 9/11 or anytime thereafter until just a few weeks ago?

The NYT, CBS, NPR, the DNC, George Soros and the rest of them still haven't answered that question.

Will they tell us before November?

The entire AP story's here.


RedMountain said...

I thought it sounded a lot like what Ron Paul said in the SC debate. Of course, he is the smart white guy with no chance of winning and whose support after his similar comments actually increased. Or maybe Ambasador Edward Peck, just a career foreign service guy who tried to warn the Bush administration about the dangers of it's Iraq policy on several occasions. Or could it be Malcolm X who had the original quote although not in the same context. Beats me, just glad you have provided your own answer to your question. Would have never guessed that one.

JWM said...

To RM,

Who would you have guessed would have said HIV/AIDs was the result of a plot by our government?

Who would you have guessed would have said more than six years after Rev. Wright's "chickens coming home to roost" sermon that he knew nothing about it?

While I almost always disagree with you, I appreciate the civility you've shown in your comments.


RedMountain said...

Good point, John. Still he could be wrong on one and Wright on the other.

I do tend to post on things that I don't agree with. I noticed that you don't get many comments on your Churchill series. I really enjoy those. Keep em coming.