Thursday, April 03, 2008

Responding to Commenters - 4/3/08

Folks, I’ve been traveling, but using “comment enabled” I’ve read all of the comments on the threads, and at least a part of the comments I’ve deleted.

I’ve also reread all the thread comments.

The rereading helped me see I should have deleted in the interest of reasonable, fact-based discussion free of needless name-calling a few comments I let on the threads.

I'm sorry for that.

I’ll work to do better.

Commenters have asked about N&O circulation numbers. I’m working on a “first post” concerning them.

It won’t offer “hard numbers” because I can’t find any right now.

But it will provide a good deal of information about the N&O’s declining circulation the past five years relative to the high population growth in its circulation area.

The post will also provide information about factors besides the area’s population growth which should have boosted N&O print circulation.

I appreciate all the “heads ups” I’m getting re: Sen. Obama, his voting record, and his many “friends and associates.”

Look for more about that.

I need to end this now.

I’ll be back tomorrow before noon Eastern with more.



Anonymous said...

Thanks John

Circulation is important, but the Profit/Loss for the N&O itself would be more interesting to me.