Thursday, April 03, 2008

Campus “activism” redefined

Michael Graham in the Boston Herald. I comment below the star line.

Graham begins - - -

Oh, to be a campus activist now that spring is here.

“Campus activist” is what the Boston Globe-Democrat calls the students pushing for coed dorm rooms at colleges across the country.

Not just coed dorms, floors or even suites. One room, two beds, a boy and a girl.

As Dr. Frankenstein said just before he threw the switch, “What could possibly go wrong?”

More than 30 colleges and universities, including Dartmouth, Clark, Brown, and Brandeis have coed dorm room policies.

This is part of the academic Left’s commitment to social justice, the battle against heteronormative bias, and a way for guys who look like Michael Moore to get a smokin’ hot roommate.

Not surprisingly, enlightened, socially progressive college males are giving this policy a resounding “Yeah, baby!”

This movement is led by the National Student Genderblind Campaign, which insists that colleges without gender-neutral housing are “heterosexist, oppressive, and anti-affirmative.”

“Heterosexist” means you think men and women are different. “Oppressive” means you won’t leave them alone in a dorm room long enough to prove you right.

“Anti-affirmative?” I think that means you’re not voting for Hillary. Or maybe Barack.

Note that all these schools already have coed dorms. They place very few restrictions on male and female mingling on campus.

But liberal academics aren’t content with coupling. They’re demanding cohabitation to make their point that acknowledging gender differences is, in and of itself, a form of oppression. …

The rest of Graham’s column is here.

If I had posted Graham’s column yesterday, you might have thought I was pulling an April Fools prank.

But sad to say what Graham’s talking about is no joke.

And it's getting lots of push from the Academic Left, which is teaching college students to consider "hetero-nomative" a putdown

If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to read Graham’s entire column.


Anonymous said...

Chipping away at Western culture a brick at a time.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Thanks John

Could it possibly a plan by the Right to allow the Left to get what they asked for?

The end result: Fathers will not allow their daughters to go to college.

Then again, the daughters that are allowed to go may be what the Left is looking for. I envision girls from households lacking a few of the more important lessons in life.


wayne fontes said...

The left complains about being called loony but remains silent about proposals such as this.

I seriously doubt most 18 year old women want their roommate watching them as they try on outfits before they go out at night.

Then again I have been considering getting another degree.