Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rezko Trial Update

Last evening @ NRO Corner Stephen Spruiell provided a Rezko trial update which began:

Today was another bad day for Tony Rezko and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Star witness for the prosecution Stuart Levine described a meeting he had with two of Blagojevich's top fundraisers and advisers — Rezko and a roofing contractor named Chris Kelly — at which they asked him to arrange for an investor with business before Levine's board either to pay a $2 million bribe or raise $1.5 million for Blagojevich's campaign.

Levine's a less-than-credible witness, so to bolster the believability of his account, prosecutors played a phone conversation between Levine and another alleged schemer named Bill Cellini Robert Weinstein that occurred shortly after Levine's meeting with Rezko and Kelly.

During the conversation, which the feds recorded without Levine or Cellini's Weinstein's knowledge, the two of them discussed Rezko, Kelly and the scheme to extort the investor, a Hollywood producer and financier named Thomas Rosenberg. …
The rest of Spruiell’s update is here.

While attention has been turned to Sen. Obama’s close friend and pastor of 20 some years Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the American public is not noticing the trial’s shocking revelations.

Someone asked me last night when was the last time a Nothern liberal was elected president?

I don’t know.

FDR turned out to be a liberal but he ran the first time in ’32 as a conservative Dem, even promising to balance the budget.

JFK ran as a centrist on domestic issues and pretty much to the right of Nixon on foreign policy and defense, which he promised to strengthen. Liberals had a lot of trouble getting behind Kennedy.

Anyway, my comeback question for my friend was – you guessed it – “when was the last time a Northern liberal with a pastor like Wright, 20 years of membership in his church and a very close friend like Tony Rezko was elected?

Your turn.


justice58 said...


You're too funny!

It's 2008---Go Barack!

Anonymous said...

It's following the standard pattern: Dems in the primaries depend on their party's far-left zealots, then they move back toward the center for the general election. GOP hopefuls run to the right during primaries, then go back toward the center for the general election. Either party has to have a significant percentage of independents and hope for a few turncoats from the other party to claim a victory. (This is me spitballing) No doubt in my mind that Mr. Obama will get the Democrat nomination--he deserves it for running a very aggressive campaign. But then, if he tries to run to the center, he'll be vulnerable to being exposed for the fasr-left liberal he is. Mr. Obama, who once looked like the knight in shining armour, will rapidly lose the independents and the so-called "Obamacans" leaving him with an insufficient number of supporters in the general election. After the Clinton camp is routed, I don't believe Mr. Obama can count on a lot of support from the Hillary crowd--some speculate they will vote McCain, but I wouldn't bet on that happening. As I noted on another thread, Mr. Obama will be lucky if he gets 35% of the votes in the general election. Even with Ralph Nader and Bob Barr running as spoilers, that won't get the victory for Mr. Obama.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Obama continues to accumulate heavy baggage. You can bet that the trial's revelations have not gone unnoticed by the Republicans. What do you think the people that brought you the Swift Boaters and Willie Horton are going to do with Mr. Wright and Tony Rezko? I can see the ads now. Those who think that what happened in the past really doesn't matter are, well --- wrong!

justice58 said...

" Mr. Obama will be lucky if he gets 35% of the votes in the general election.


You're really good at working that comedy!

Anonymous said...

John won't allow this question, but I will ask it again.

Justice58, why do you use a photograph of the singer Toni Braxton with your profile?

Can we have freedom of speech on this blog, John?

Is anything wrong with asking an obvious question?

Explain why you continue not allowing this simple question. Not a thing wrong with this question.

Anonymous said...

rezko trial updates every few hours

justice58 said...

anon 3:03,

Toni Braxton is a great singer & a very beautiful black woman!

justice58 said...

anon 3:03,

Why do you wanna know about that photo anyway? What's up! If you don't like it--don't click on it!

Anonymous said...


I know that Toni Braxton is a good singer. I just wonder why anyone wants to use photos of other people as an identifier.

Why not use your own photo?

That's all. That was my curiosity.