Monday, March 31, 2008

Gallup’s latest “presidential” plus

Folks, without further comment here’s a link to Gallup’s latest polling of presidential voter preferences, reported on a Gallup page which in its right hand column has links to some very interesting recent polls on particular matters which may affect some voter groups.


Anonymous said...


I think you might enjoy this.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting article in today's (April 1) Washington Times. By S.A. Miller, the piece is headlined "Obama's Church Founded on Radical Creed." Go to
Tarheel Hawkeye

RedMountain said...

Interesting that more of Clinton's supporters will vote McCain if Obama wins the nomination than if the opposite happens. If Obama wins he will have to consider a VP running mate very carefully. I would tend to believe that some of these deserters may keep their votes on the democratic side if Obama chooses a VP that they will support and Clinton gives a solid endorsement to Obama if he is the nominee. It would also be interesting to see the poll results on a Obama/Clinton ticket vs McCain, or a Clinton/Obama. That doesn't see to be very likely at this points, but who knows?

justice58 said...


There will be NO Obama/Clinton ticket... Case closed! It ain't gonna happen! Hillary screwed that up in South Carolina big time! Black folks are still angry about that! Honestly---blacks will stay home if she's anywhere on that ticket. Barack knows that! He didn't get to be a Harvard Law Grad by accident!

Tarheel---how many black people are members of your church? Just asking!

Anonymous said...

Pagans don't have "churches." I imagine there are quite a number of Black pagans, though I don't believe any pagan considers race in any respect. It differentiates us from the "typical Black persons" who apparently do.