Sunday, March 30, 2008

Obama Up 10 over Clinton reports:

Barack Obama now has a 10-percentage point lead over Hillary Clinton in a national tracking poll conducted by Gallup, the largest lead he has posted in the poll this year.

Gallup reported Obama now leads among Democrats 52 percent against 42 percent for Hillary Clinton, the third day in a row he has held a statistically significant lead against Clinton in the poll.

The movement in the national poll follows a week in which Clinton was widely lampooned for exaggerated accounts she gave of a visit to Bosnia in which she claimed she ran for cover under sniper fire. After the pilot of her plane and reporters who were on the trip with her disputed the account, she conceded she her account was a "mistake" and chalked the incident up to campaign-trail fatigue.

But the exaggeration rapidly became fodder for late-night comics and video spoofs on the Internet.
The entire story’s here.


It’s certainly been an “ouch” week for Sen. Clinton.

The hurt was entirely self-inflicted as regards the truth of what actually happened on that visit to Bosnia.

But there was the added hurt that former Clinton MSM flacks like the NY Times’ Frank Rich jumped on her.

In years past, Hillary could have counted on silence or excuses from the likes of Rich, the Times' former Broadway play reviewer.

Still, even with most of MSM in Obama’s camp, Clinton is not getting "the full treatment" like Republicans get.

Have you heard anyone in MSM bring up her Rose Law Firm billing records?

You know: the ones that disappeared for a few years during the Whitewater Investigation, only to turn up on a table in the family quarters of the Clinton White House.

The saga continues.


mac said...

If Hillary wants to throw things into a tizzy, she'll have to mention "reparations." (That would shake things up, certainly.)

If Hillary wants to bring back black voters, she should endorse reparations. Even Obama can't match that offer.

This is high-stakes: Clinton is a gambler.

justice58 said...

Hillary's Campaign is on life support right now. If you're looking for black voters to come back to her---AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!

I'll kick it up a notch and will lay money down on that!

mac said...

Hillary is going to take her female over-50 voters and go somewhere else: McCain.

Hillary respects Senator McCain.