Sunday, April 27, 2008


Folks, I've got my hands full taking steps to make this blog more secure in light of the hacking of Liestoppers Forum.

We share many of the same friends and enemies and we're proud to have both but -- well you know.

Plus at least two editors at The Chronicle - David Graham and Ryan McCartney - are very angry. They're directing their anger my way.

That's taking time as you'll see in posts that have started going up and will continue to go up in the coming days if all goes well.

Meantime, as a gesture of solidarity and to help LS Forum any way I can, I'm posting here at the main page the comment thread of the post I put up last evening alerting readers to the LS Forum hacking.

Some comments concern tech issues I can't judge. Here's the thread. Sorry I don't have time for even spacing but you'll get it all. - - -

LieStoppers said...

Nothing will stop Justice! LS will regroup and create a new forum. It might take us a few days. However in the meantime our fellow bloggers will be here, pushing and exposing the dirty secrets of Durham and Duke.

We won't let the criminals in Durham and outside stop our search for Truth. If anything we are more dedicated.

4:34 PM
Anonymous said...

Baldo, do you have an sense of whether we should not attempt to log in? On the LS main board, the comments suggest that there might be some attempt to capture our log-in names and passwords if we attempt to log onto the board. What do you think?
5:18 PM
kbp said...


With all the work required to hack, I think it's safe to scratch Wahneema off the suspects list!

7:40 PM
Anonymous said...

You can't however remove from the list all the swells at Duke and the scumbags in Durham who have had their snouts in the public trough for so long. They won't give up easy. There's also the issue of that off books revenue stream in Durham. Baldo, I know you and the rest of the Liestoppers won't give up. Just be careful. Some of the people you are dealing with are dangerous.
8:56 PM
Anonymous said...

Thanks John for making your blog available to the LS bloggers as a site to receive updates on the latest attempt to shut down the truth. The Blog Hooligans aren't going anywhere until those who took part in the framing of three innocent young men are brought to justice as well as the all out assault on the reputations and character of the members of the 2006 Duke Lacrosse Team.
11:13 PM
Anonymous said...

The Liestoppers have done such a truly oustanding job on the Duke Frame.

Perhaps they should stay on topic once the new forum is up and running, rather than entertain off topic subjects.

Consider the enemies list of Liestoppers:
Political parties
Obama (has been suggested)
I'm sure you can name more names.

When you get back on line I hope the energy will go into exposing the Frame and nothing else. Politics and religion blogs are available everywhere online. But there is only one Liestoppers.

Exposing the truth about the Frame is something people of many different political, religious, and racial backgrounds can work on together in harmony.

12:14 AM
Anonymous said...

Will the hackers now try to shut down JinC?
12:32 AM
Anonymous said...

It appears to be a DOS attack. Denial of service. Not technically a hack but enough to make your website shut down for a couple of days.
1:09 AM
Anonymous said...

Since Liestoppers has been hacked, those attempting to reach the Liestoppers Forum reach a page that says,

"Sorry, you are not permitted to use this board"[I]

Many casual readers and guests may understand this to mean that they personally have been banned, but that the boards themselves are still functioning.

But they may not return to check out the Forum again.

Therefore, if you know anyone who used the Forum, you might want to alert them to the hack, and let them know that the Main Blog

is still functioning.



Anonymous said...


Thanks for all your help and inspiration. We have set up the "Blog and Media Roundup" thread at Free Republic. I'll be posting it there daily until LS is back up an running.

Walter Abbott

Anonymous said...

Wise that you are taking precautions. You probably are next.

Anonymous said...

One can only hope that those in The Chronicle who feel that they have the power to "out" people when they feel like it and then claim that they are performing a public service by doing so find that such cavalier behavior will not result in gainful employment once they leave the ivy covered halls of Duke. One has to wonder just what sort of education is occuring at Durham's "finest" university. Obviously a concern for ethics in journalism is not a high priority just as the demand for intellectual thought and writing is not the forte of the gender and ethnic professors. But then again, concern for the welfare of Duke's students is not a major concern of its administration or its BOT either.

Anonymous said...

It's absurd what has happened lately between TC outing you and LS getting hacked. Truly uncivil and I hope these two forums go forward. Breaching confidentiality is the same as hacking, the trust and credibility is forever compromised.

Anonymous said...

My name is Colin Elliott.I've posted as Corwin,but feel if you have been outed,I can at least post my name as a gesture of solidarity.
Best wishes,

Jim in San Diego said...

Mr. Graham publicly betrays a confidence. Then, he claims someone who choses to blog anonymously is a "coward".

Let's see:

Mr. Graham has openly adopted a very public position as lickspittle for the the Duke Administration. So, his is a Profile in Courage? (Sorry John Kennedy).

JinC, an alumnus with substantial academic credentials, has chosen to run a quasi-anonomous blog (no one running such a blog is truly anonymous) on which he devotes much time and energy reporting on the betrayal of Duke students by their own faculty and administration.

Which one of these is the coward?

Jim Peterson

(BTW, I am not a fan of blog anonymity, but understand the reasons for it)

Anonymous said...

Keep doing your best, John. I sometimes forget to stop by and give you the credit you deserve. And remember that while Duke has many newspaper writers, it has no journalism department. It also has no Chem Engineering department, which made my sophomore year sort of awkward.


Anonymous said...



New Discussion Forum

Michael said...

Thats great abb, at least we can get our morning fix....Thanks


Carolyn said...

John, Thanks for your help during this attack on LieStoppers. Your support is even more appreciated knowing that you yourself have just been attacked as well (by Graham and his ilk).

One thing's for certain about who's responsible for attacking our Board - it can't be any of the Gang! Hacking a site requires intelligence, hard work and skill. One glance at the infantile scribblings of the Gang's Ad makes it obvious they possess none of the above.