Wednesday, April 30, 2008

McClatchy reports Hillary’s latest: It’s a “clip and save”

The McClatchy News Co. whose Raleigh News & Observer’s grossly biased, racially inflammatory and often false reporting led the media pack supporting now disbarred Durham DA Mike Nifong’s obvious frame-up attempt reported yesterday:

Hillary Clinton loves to tell the story about how the Chinese government bought a good American company in Indiana, laid off all its workers and moved its critical defense technology work to China.

It’s a story with a dramatic, political ending. Republican President George W. Bush could have stopped it, but he didn’t.

If she were president, Clinton says, she’d fight to protect those jobs. It’s just the kind of talk that’s helping her win support from working-class Democrats worried about their jobs and paychecks, not to mention their country’s security.

What Clinton never includes in the oft-repeated tale is the role that prominent Democrats played in selling the company and its technology to the Chinese. She never mentions that big-time Democratic contributor George Soros helped put together the deal to sell the company or that the sale was approved by her husband's administration.

In response, the Clinton campaign said that Bill Clinton's administration had gotten assurances at the time it approved the deal that production would remain inside the United States, and that the shift of jobs to China didn't occur until under the Bush administration. …
The entire McClatchy story’s here.


Although McClatchy’s working hard for Sen. Obama, and yesterday's story reflects that, if Sen. Clinton wins the Dems' presidential nomination, McClatchy will do what it can to help elect her.

So McClatchy’s not likely to run this story again in October when it would make a good reference for a letter to the editor.

So if your planning to vote against Clinton in November should she be the Dems nominee, my advice is “clip and save” this story in print form or to your computer files.