Wednesday, April 30, 2008

JinC Commenters, Obama & "the Wright stuff" list

Earlier today I posted Obama explanation, HRC closing in NC & more.

I want to post here two comments from its thread and then offer some comments of my own.

Comment from Red Mountain - - -

Yes, a few people have been able to convince many of the undecided voters that Obama is a bad man. Of course, these people happen to support Clinton or McCain or just don't want to see a black man as our president.

The race now is not about the issues, it is not about who is the best for our country, what it is really about is guilt by association, guilt by ancestry, and guilt by a choice of pastor. Obama is a good man and he is being persecuted. Clinton has lost what little chance she had to win against McCain even if she manages to steal the nomination.

This nation is poorer for this primary, rooted in attacks, inuendo, and accusations. For months the media has called for Obama to do more about condeming the statements of his former pastor, now that he has done so, these same people are using that against him as well.

Now this comment from Tarheel Hawkeye

When people say they don't like what you say or how you act, it's very easy to say they just don't like your religion or your skin color or your ethnicity. That way you don't have to justify your wrongheadedness or your antisocial behavior.

We're seeing this tactic employed by Redmountain who has decided that anyone who disagrees with Mr. Obama is doing so because Mr. Obama is half caucasian or because they're Clinton or McCain partisans. I can readily accept the latter, but I'm fed up with the anti-Black bias whining.

Mr. Obama has been accepted at face value and has run a good campaign even though he wears half-Black skin. It's only recently, when people have been exposed to his hypocrisy and his lack of honesty that they are beginning to migrate away from his candidacy.

I'll grant there are some Whites who wouldn't vote for a Black candidate under any circumstances.

Will Redmountain explain how that differs from the monolithic Black support for Mr. Obama?

It's clear there are also Black folks who wouldn't vote for any White candidate.

Let's cease the race-baiting. There are several Black people in public life for whom I would vote in a heartbeat, but Mr. Obama ain't one of them.

My comments:

Many of you who comment here have for the last month or so been very critical of Rev. Jeremiah Wright for making remarks which until yesterday many in MSM have been referring to as “snippets.”

You’ve also asked repeatedly how Sen. Barack Obama could choose someone like Wright for a close friend, bring his children to Wright for religious education, and last year contribute $26 thousand to the church where Wright preached hatred and anti-Americanism.

For doing what you've done, you’ve been called racists here. Elsewhere, many Obama supporters and many in MSM have also called people like you racists.

Now, Sen. Obama is saying about Wright’s “snippets” the very things you’ve said about them, only Obama and his supporters no longer call them “snippets.”

In fact, since yesterday Obama’s been condemning Wright’s remarks in far stronger language than most of you’ve used.

Questions: Will anyone now still call you racists? Will anyone who has apologize for doing so?

It was ridiculous and worse that anyone would call you racists for condemning remarks that were themselves among the vilest racist remarks I’ve heard in a long time, and no less vile for being cheered by Wright’s listeners and excused, even justified, by Obama’s supporters and those in MSM who flack for him and the Dems.

I admire what you did. It’s what all Americans should've been doing. It’s what more Americans will do now that Obama has spoken out as he did yesterday.

Folks like you who refused to accept the “just snippets” nonsense and spoke up for America’s values helped bring us to yesterday.

Yes, I know Wright played the key role in bring us to yesterday, but Obama’s response yesterday likely wouldn’t have happened if he and his campaign didn’t realize there are millions who feel as you do.

By speaking up at blogs, in letters to the editor, to pollsters and in other venues you and others like you reminded Team Obama you were out there and you cared.

I was glad to hear Obama say what he said yesterday. I'm not sure right now how what Obama said yesterday will affect the race for the Dems' presidential nomination, but I’ve no doubt it was good for America.

Most Americans will view what Obama said yesterday as taking care of only one item on a long list he might label “the Wright stuff.”

Other items on the list must include Obama's explaining how he could “choose someone like Wright for a close friend, bring his children to Wright for religious education, and contribute $26 thousand to the church where he preached hatred and anti-Americanism.”

Item # 1, of course, must be a credible explanation of how he didn’t know what Wright is and was preaching all these years. However, that might prove to be Mission Impossible.

I’ll bet many of you have items you’ll urge the Senator to add to “the Wright stuff” list.


Anonymous said...

Know anything about Liestoppers yet??

Anonymous said...

Among other things, I'd like to hear OB apologize to his grandmother.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad to see the KC Johnson continues to advocate for Obama. In the Lacrosse hoax that brought so many of us together from such diverse backgrounds, KC stood out like a well thumb in a sick academic world.

Meanwhile, over at Liestoppers, there is a prevailing question as to whether that blogsite was hacked because so many bloggers were "eating Obama's Lunch". And why not? After all, we ARE about being LIE STOPPERS>

So be careful JinC. The stakes are getting highers for those who advocate for integrity that is racially and gender neutral.

This website has held out for hard questions and hard answers. You are admired by many, feared by some, and probably hated by others.

Good company with the prophets and some other good folks.


Anonymous said...

IMO, Rev. Wright is a hate-filled whack-job. If you watched him Monday, he rendered Obama’s so-called memorable speeches as sorry attempts to placate voters.

I now see Obama as just another pandering politician dancing as fast as he can. Obama tossed Wright under the bus with grandma, the racist, and we are suppose to think this ends the Wright saga?

At least we can put the word, ‘Snippets’ to rest. Wasn’t it just last week we were taking Rev. W.’s words out of context, and watching the racist “Fix News?”

This is yet another slate of Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dum-er.
I am disgusted with all Washington politicians.

Also, HRC did a good interview with Bill O'Reilly. That also influenced my final decision.

RedMountain said...

You asked: "I'll grant there are some Whites who wouldn't vote for a Black candidate under any circumstances.

Will Redmountain explain how that differs from the monolithic Black support for Mr. Obama?"

Over the last 5 elections the democratic candidate has received roughly 85%-90% of the black vote. That includes HRC's husband who is, despite rumors, white. Obama, being both a democrat and black is going to get a lot of black votes. HRC, along with her Wild Bill husband, has done a lot to alienate the black community with their attacks and race baiting comments. Clearly they resent the support that Obama has received. Those in the black community that I have spoken to or exchanged messages with also resent the attacks on the historically black church via Rev. Wright. They feel that the man's flaws are overplayed while the former pastor and his church's good works get no play at all. They feel that Obama is being punished for his church and his pastor, with no attempt at fairness or understanding. Many in this group also feel that Clinton is using this issue to either steal the nomination or set up things so Obama can't win and she can run against McCain in 2012.

As far as white voters, Obama has a decent core of support on the democratic side. The attacks against Obama are designed to promote distrust of Obama by questioning his patriotism and his character. Sure, there are some that have said Obama is the leader of a black conspiracy to obtain power or a hidden radical muslim supporter but my belief is that few Americans actually believe that to be the case. My feeling is that the attacks on Obama are not designed to get people to dislike him because he is black. Instead they are designed to get people to think that he dislikes white people and therefore they have something to fear from him.

These attacks have eroded some of the support Obama has received among those who had some doubts about him but still felt he was the best choice. On the republican side you have people like Rush urging republicans to vote for HRC in the democratic primaries. They simply want the democrats to keep hurting each other. It is obvious that they feel Obama has a better chance than HRC.

Obama is the first 'black' candidate to have enough support among whites to have a legit chance of winning. That says something to me about this country and the progress made over the last few decades.