Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Editor Graham & JinC: two comments

From the thread of Chronicle editor David Graham’s Apr. 25 column in which he outed me, here are two comments in there entirety and without further comment other than you'll see I left the question mark off my last question. Sorry about that.


John in Carolina is a one-note creep.

Tell it like it is Graham!
John in Carolina

"Tell it like it is Graham!"

Many people, myself included, wish he'd do that.

Do you think there's any chance he'll explain whether the "Boobs Allison" bylined on the Apr. 1 front-page story is next year's Chronicle editor Chelsea Allison or whether others at TC used her surname without her knowledge?

I first asked Graham that question in an email last Friday. I sent a Cc. to Allison. I sent Graham a follow-up email yesterday.

I haven't heard back from either of them.

"Tell it like it is Graham!"

Do you think he'll tell us why TC has never asked President Brodhead and the trustees to explain their silence when racists threatened Reade Seligmann at the Durham County Courthouse?

Do you think Graham will tell the Duke and Durham communities why TC has itself never spoken out editorially to condemn the racists and express support to Seligmann and his family?

Many of us wish Graham would tell it like it is.

Do you think there's a chance he will.

John in Carolina


Anonymous said...

A Professor Sues His Students

Anonymous said...


"Many of us wish Graham would tell it like it is"

I am afraid that's not David Graham's forte.

He appears to be effective at identifying callers by performing a reverse number lookup. Assuming his grammar improves, he could become a fine receptionist.


Anonymous said...


You've tried hard to remind people McCartney and Graham are the exceptions at The Chronicle.

It would be nice to think everyone there is like what Butler, Wolf,and Copeland.

But they're not.

It tells you a lot that McCartney and Graham were the editors-in-chief.

I was once proud to tell people I was on The Chronicle staff.

Trinity '91

Anonymous said...

It's a shame the way the two of them threw The Chronicle "over the side" trying to save themselves.