Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Obama explanation, HRC closing in NC & more

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Blog friend Mike Williams has sent another outstanding electronic letter which I want to share with you.
Here's most of the one he sent today.

You’ll know by now that last night in NC, Obama threw the Rev. Jeremiah Wright under the bus. Why did Obama wait so long? Byron York, writing at the NRO:

The most damaging thing Rev. Jeremiah Wright said at the National Press Club on Monday had nothing to do with God damning America, or AIDS, or chickens coming home to roost. It had to do with whether Barack Obama is telling the American people the truth about himself.

“Politicians say what they say and do what they do based on electability, based on sound bites, based on polls,” Wright told the Press Club. “Preachers say what they say because they’re pastors. . . . I do what pastors do. [Obama] does what politicians do.” A few days earlier, in an interview with PBS’s Bill Moyers, Wright said Obama, in his Philadelphia speech attempting to calm the controversy created by Wright’s sermons, had said “what he has to say as a politician.”

That, not Wright’s wide-ranging social theories, is what forced Obama to denounce Wright at a hastily arranged news conference Tuesday. By questioning Obama’s honesty, Wright was striking at the heart of the Obama campaign. The most damaging thing Wright could ever say is that he knows, based on his long personal relationship with Obama, that Obama agrees with him but can’t say so publicly for political reasons....

Richard Baehr at American Thinker adds:

So why did this particular performance by Wright finally create the need for Obama to speak up more forcefully? That answer is simple: falling poll numbers in Indiana, North Carolina and nationally, and to that, we can safely conclude, Barack Obama takes great offense….

NC’s governor recently endorsed Clinton, and some polls now have her within five percentage points of Obama. Not long ago NC was forecast as an Obama blowout.

Let’s end it for today with President Bush, who finally takes a reporter calling him a liar to his face to the woodshed. Go here. Sure wish he’d been doing this since day one.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for long primaries!!

RedMountain said...

Yes, a few people have been able to convince many of the undecided voters that Obama is a bad man. Of course, these people happen to support Clinton or McCain or just don't want to see a black man as our president. The race now is not about the issues, it is not about who is the best for our country, what it is really about is guilt by association, guilt by ancestry, and guilt by a choice of pastor. Obama is a good man and he is being persecuted. Clinton has lost what little chance she had to win against McCain even if she manages to steal the nomination.

This nation is poorer for this primary, rooted in attacks, inuendo, and accusations. For months the media has called for Obama to do more about condeming the statements of his former pastor, now that he has done so, these same people are using that against him as well.

Anonymous said...

When people say they don't like what you say or how you act, it's very easy to say they just don't like your religion or your skin color or your ethnicity. That way you don't have to justify your wrongheadedness or your antisocial behavior. We're seeing this tactic employed by Redmountain who has decided that anyone who disagrees with Mr. Obama is doing so because Mr. Obama is half caucasian or because they're Clinton or McCain partisans. I can readily accept the latter, but I'm fed up with the anti-Black bias whining. Mr. Obama has been accepted at face value and has run a good campaign even though he wears half-Black skin. It's only recently, when people have been exposed to his hypocrisy and his lack of honesty that they are beginning to migrate away from his candidacy. I'll grant there are some Whites who wouldn't vote for a Black candidate under any circumstances. Will Redmountain explain how that differs from the monolithic Black support for Mr. Obama? It's clear there are also Black folks who wouldn't vote for any White candidate. Let's cease the race-baiting. There are several Black people in public life for whom I would vote in a heartbeat, but Mr. Obama ain't one of them.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Red Mountain:

"Obama is a good man "

Where did that come from?

He's a politician. He's a Senator. He's an eloquent speaker. Nothing in his past associations, including his wife and Church, indicate he is a good man.

As a matter of fact, his long time mentor, Jerimiah Wright, indicates Obama is a liar. I think he is in a better position to know Obama than you are.


justice58 said...