Friday, November 23, 2007

With tongue in cheek

I offer thoughts that may help you give thanks for some of the things that did and didn’t happen as the injustices of the Duke Hoax played out:

Duke President Richard Brodhead did say “the facts kept changing,” but David Evans cleared things up for scientists and philosophers: “Facts don’t change.”

N&O columnist Ruth Sheehan did write those terrible columns attacking the players and Coach Pressler, but at least she wasn’t then named a Duke visiting professor with joint appointments in the Departments of Cultural Anthropology and Women’s Studies and the School of Law.

N&O columnist Barry Saunders did write that he’d go to Durham City Hall and slap officials if they gave the three innocent men indicted during the Hoax more than a fish sandwich and a bus ticket out of town, but at least Gov. Easley didn’t appoint him DA.

The Chronicle’s editorial board declared Brodhead “must” remain Duke’s president, but at least it didn’t add: “and whatever they did was bad enough.”

And after he wrote a letter Provost Lange rightly called “a form of prejudice,” the bilious bigot Houston Baker did depart Duke after receiving what he termed an “unrefusable” offer from Vanderbilt University. (Thanks, Vandy.)


Anonymous said...

The "unrefusable" earthly rewards placed in the hands of people like Houston Baker, immediately following his very public misbehavior, makes me wonder if hell is a bit closer than most of us think.

How else to explain it?