Monday, November 19, 2007

Brawley $$$: Anyone Surprised?

Last evening I posted Brawley Comments & Predictions.
The AP was reporting:

Twenty years after her allegations of a racially charged rape became a national flashpoint, Tawana Brawley's mother and stepfather want to reopen the case, a newspaper reported Sunday.

Glenda Brawley and Ralph King want to press Gov. Eliot Spitzer and state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to re-examine the November 1987 incident, which a state grand jury ultimately concluded was a hoax, the Daily News reported.[…]
I made some “easy predictions” of public reaction to the news, including this one:
Many people will wonder, as I do, whether Glenda Brawley and Ralph King have been reading about all that money the parents of the Jena 6 received.
Today at Betsy’s Page she posted on the story and linked to a NY Daily News report that included this:
Glenda Brawley and her husband have not spoken publicly since a grand jury in 1988 decided there was no evidence their daughter was raped, yet they agreed to talk to The News for one reason: They are adamant that their daughter was raped and the men who did it were never punished.

"I could be looking at the television any day and they say the 'Tawana Brawley hoax,'" King said. "What hoax?"

"How could we make this up and take down the state of New York? We're just regular people," Glenda Brawley said to her husband. "We should be millionaires." (I don't really need to add any emphasis here, do I? )
Who’s surprised Glenda Brawley and Ralph King think they should be millionaires?

Disclosure: The NY Daily News story was online when I posted last evening but I hadn't read it.

Also, there's no evidence Glenda Brawley and Ralph King are in any way influenced by the $$$ the parents of the Jena 6 got.

All I said was many people including me will wonder; and that that was an easy prediction.

Here’s another easy prediction: The “civil rights activists” who'll take up Glenda Brawley and King’s “cause” will insist $$$ has nothing to do with “the cause.”

The Daily News goes on to report:
They say they decided to speak publicly for the first time in more than 15 years to beg (New York) Gov. Spitzer and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to unseal the files and reopen the case.
Questions: Has Senator Hillary Clinton’s office announced how many positions she has on reopening the case?

Glenda Brawley is a fugitive from NY State. That being the case, has Gov. Spitzer said whether he favors issuing her a NY driver's license if she comes to NY illegally?

Do we know yet whether Clinton and Spitzer will be attending any of the rallies?


Anonymous said...

"follow the money"

Anonymous said...

I'd bet money that Spitzer and Cuomo are going to fall for this updated hoax. It's got race-gender-class written all over it. When are our black citizens going to wake up and realize they make their own problems?

Anonymous said...

Neither Spitzer, nor Coumo, nor Clinton, said anything at all about the lax case, although it involved one of their constituents.

Apparently they aren't at all concerned about restraining people from making false accusations.

Ralph Phelan said...

So far it's just the parents and the disbarred Maddox making a public announcement that they're trying to cash in. Not even Sharpton is on board.

Until someone with real clout gets involved, I'm treating this as a sideshow.

Stephen said...

In my humble opinion, Al $harpton wants nothing at all to do with this. It only serves to remind America of his shameful behavior with this event many years ago. He only used it to launch himself into national prominence within the black community, which succeeded, but now he just wants America to forget about it. Perhaps Al and his group will pay off Brawley and King, just to shut them up. Wouldn't that be ironic, $harpton being hustled by one of his own. As for Hilary, her position will depend upon which group she is talking to.

Ralph Phelan said...

Stephen -
Just thought of something nasty - if Jesse Jackson wants to reduce Sharpton's competition for his market share, finding ways to keep this in the public eye would be very much in his interest.

Stephen said...

Why Mr. Phelan, what a deliciously clever mind. That thought did not occur to me but now that you mention it, it would not surprise me. After all, with those two, it's ALWAYS about the money. "Market share" -- I love it !!

mac said...

I'm sure Sharpton wants to stay away - more suits against him will likely to be filed, and he has more assets, even as he has less @$$. (Wuz it Jenny Craig, Al?)

It's good to see a reminder of the case that got a lot of this stuff rolling.

Now's the time to prosecute T. Brawley and her spiritual heiress, CGM.