Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brawley Comments & Predictions

The AP reports:

Twenty years after her allegations of a racially charged rape became a national flashpoint, Tawana Brawley's mother and stepfather want to reopen the case, a newspaper reported Sunday.

Glenda Brawley and Ralph King want to press Gov. Eliot Spitzer and state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to re-examine the November 1987 incident, which a state grand jury ultimately concluded was a hoax, the Daily News reported.

"New York State owes my daughter. They owe her the truth," said Glenda Brawley. She reiterated her stance that her daughter was indeed raped by a group of white men who smeared her with feces and scrawled racial epithets on her body.

A message left at Cuomo's office by The Associated Press on Sunday was not returned.

A spokesman for Spitzer said his office was not aware of any formal request from the family. The governor's office is not normally involved in investigating crime.

Brawley was 15 when she went missing for four days from her home in Wappingers Falls, about 75 miles north of New York City. After being found, she made the shocking allegation that she had been abducted and raped by six white law enforcement officials.

The case quickly made headlines and drew the attention of the Rev. Al Sharpton, who became an outspoken advocate for the teen.

But a special state grand jury found evidence Brawley had fabricated her story. A former Dutchess County prosecutor who had been implicated in the case later sued Brawley, Sharpton and other Brawley advisers for defamation, winning a $345,000 judgment against the advisers and a $185,000 judgment against Brawley.

A spokeswoman for Sharpton, who was held liable for $65,000 in the case, did not immediately respond to an e-mail message early Sunday. The former prosecutor's lawyer did not immediately return a telephone message.

Brawley has changed her name and become a nurse, the Daily News reported.

I hope Tawana Brawley’s made a decent life for herself.

It will be interesting to hear what Rev. Al Sharpton has to say.

I doubt Sharpton wanted this to happen now while he's so busy with the Jena 6 hustle and has only recently finished with the Cheney hunting trip/Confederate flag hustle.

And it wasn't so long ago that he was working hard to help pull off the Duke Hoax.

The man must want a little down time.

As you’d expect, the AP’s “reporting” on Sharpton’s role in the Brawley Hoax is sanitized.

Example: The AP makes no reference to Sharpton’s endorsement of Duke hoaxer Crystal Mangum’s and Mike Nifong’s lies.

Did you notice in this story the AP didn’t do what it usually does: call Sharpton “ a civil rights leader?”

Easy predictions:

Many people will wonder, as I do, whether Glenda Brawley and Ralph King have been reading about all that money the parents of the Jena 6 received.

People who wonder about that will be called racists by people like Sharpton.

Attorneys for the three men fraudulently indicted in the Duke Hoax will use this latest in the Brawley Hoax to bolster their contention the three men will all their lives be subject to people seeking to exploit them.

“Civil rights activists” supporting Glenda Brawley’s and Ralph King’s demands will say that’s not true.

But we all know it is.

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dsf said...

Umm, statute of limitations, anyone?

kbp said...

Thanks John

You mentioned Sharpton, Brawley, Duke [Frame], Jena 6 and a few others that jump out with a common factor; you can't believe any of it.

It is amazing when we consider how far cases go without facts to support them.

Why would newspapers even allow articles like this recent Brawley scoop to be printed?

Where are the reporters that investigate and report facts?

Ralph Phelan said...

"Why would newspapers even allow articles like this recent Brawley scoop to be printed?"

Some scoop - the main subjects of the "scoop" pretty much issued a press release.

They print them because they sell papers, and they practically write themselves.