Friday, November 23, 2007

To Thank Our Troops

Army Chaplain Capt. James Key writing today in USA Today:

Last month, a generous couple reminded me that there are still a few people left in our society who haven't forgotten how to say "thank you."

I was sitting in a restaurant enjoying my lunch when the waitress returned to my table to inform me that a couple in another booth, who asked to remain anonymous, told her to put my bill on their credit card.

She told me that they saw me in my uniform eating alone and wanted to show their appreciation by paying for my meal. She said, "It's no big deal. It's just their way of thanking you for serving our nation."

While this gesture of kindness might have been no big deal to the waitress, it was certainly a big deal to me. It restored my hope and assured me that no matter how people feel about the war — good, bad or indifferent — they appreciate the sacrifice and selfless service of our young men and women in uniform. And, based on the comments of other soldiers I know, such generosity is a quite common occurrence.
I’m glad Captain Key reports other man and women in our armed forces are reporting similar experiences. That’s the least we owe them.

There’s more to Key’s column before he closes with:
That couple who paid for my meal did more than simply provide my nourishment. They reaffirmed to me that we still live in a society that has not forgotten how to say "thank you" — including to our troops, many of whom will be working this holiday or celebrating it half a world away from their families so that the rest of us can have more reasons to be thankful.
Key’s column is inspiring. Be sure to read it.

And follow that couple’s example if you don’t already do such things.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your posts over the Thanksgiving period, John.

I'm sure that many, like myself, read and appreciated them.

Joan Foster said...

John, Here's a link to Operation- Support Our Troops:

God bless them all.