Monday, November 12, 2007

What broken fences?

That's what blogger Don Surber is asking.

Visit his brief post and decide how you'd answer his question.

Hat tip: Instapundit


Debrah said...

Hi John--

Off topic, but here is a link to the webpage of a Duke 88 apologist--Stuart Rojstaczer--who used to reside in Trinity Park, no less....home of the infamous potbangers.

Below, you will see responses to his ridiculous UPI critique from both KC and me.


Debrah said...

BTW, John--

Thanks for the excellent Veteran's Day coverage.

The Kristin Butler column you cited recently was superb.

Debrah said...


You will have to go to DIW or The Diva World for my responses to Rojstaczer.

He wanted e-mail addresses and personal information in order to leave comments on his page.

Coincidentally, my responses took his muddy critique of UPI to task.

That's how the Gang of 88 and their ilk operate.

Too funny!

I won't give out my personal e-mail address to a stranger. This guy is really nuts.