Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hot Sauce on Veterans Day

I'd like to tell you about Operation Sauce Drop

The mission of Operation Sauce Drop is to deliver free of charge great-tasting sauces to US military personnel stationed abroad.

A small North Carolina Company is running the operation on a non-profit basis.

The company wants to help thank our troops for their sacrifices with a small token of appreciation - "a taste of home."

There are seven different themed gift boxes of sauces, from mild and zesty to hot and fiery, from which any serviceman or servicewoman stationed at an APO or FPO address may choose which are then sent to their APO or FPO address at absolutely no cost to them.

The average cost to purchase and ship (with insurance) a gift box is around $20.00.

I'm posting this bacause I know the family which owns the company and they're legit. What's more, JinC Regular AC knows the owners and has already contributed $200.

You can go HERE and learn more about things and how to give. It's easy.

Note that important part of Sauce Drop: our service the guys love it - read this.

So far the company's shipped 70 boxes but has orders from the troops for 90 more. So please help. Go HERE. As if you needed an incentive, you get a 10% discount if you donate sauce to the troops.