Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good News at Liestoppers

Most of you may know this already but just in case –

“The Artist Formerly Known as Joan Foster” is back at LS with another poem “recovered using the ‘Gottlieb Method.’”

Welcome back, Joan.

Your wit gives "pokes and fits" to those who deserve them.

Just about everyone who knows your work appreciates and admires the way you and Baldo parody “the almost framers” and their enablers.

Folks, you’ll find Joan’s latest here and Baldo’s latest here.


Anonymous said...

If I understood correctly, Joan Foster is not back at LS. She must be enjoying a 'retired blogger's life.' However, one of her old poems was recovered and published for the first time. I hope my understanding is correct. I would hate to mislead anyone.

Anonymous said...

We are all thankful that Joan Foster's 'long lost poems' are being recovered, in current time.
We are also most hopeful that Joan and Baldo are able to recover her missives (a la Gottlieb/Himan) on the magic whiteboard in present time.

Here's hoping for many more ....