Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Dems & “in bad shape”

Tonight the panelists on Fox News with Brit Hume discussed the progress on the ground in Iraq.

The panelists – Fred Barnes (Weekly Standard), Mara Liasson (NPR) and Mort Kondracke (Roll Call) - agreed if by next fall’s election most Americans see the situation in Iraq as “improved,” that'll be a plus for Republicans.

The panelists made clear, though, there would have to be sustained progress for that to happen.

Given how the Democratic-dominated MSM here and the anti-American MSM overseas “report” on Iraq, who doubts there’d need to be substantial progress in Iraq before Americans began to get even a hint of progress there?

General Sanchez’s recent speech reminded usof that and worse, didn't it?

Here's what I thought was the most telling remark by any of the FOX panelists:

Reflecting on the possibility Americans next fall will feel there’s been progress in Iraq, Mort Kondracke said “then the Democrats will be in bad shape."

Who doubts what Kondracke said?

Who doubts the Democrats and their media allies know the truth of what he said?

And who doubts the knowledge of what progress in Iraq means for them has influenced, is influencing, and will influence what many Democrats say and do?

America lost something very precious when many of us forgot or never learned politics is supposed to “stop at the water’s edge.”

God watch over our miliary and grant it success.