Tuesday, November 13, 2007

“Governor Nifong” Questions?

Law professor Glenn Reynolds this morning at Instapundit:

ALL THE GOVERNOR'S MEN: The Spitzer scandal news just keeps on coming. You have to wonder if this fast-and-loose approach to the law suddenly started when he became Governor, or if it characterized his behavior as a prosecutor, too. Governor Nifong?
What about reaction to the "Governor Nifong" – I mean Spitzer story?

Has Duke’s President Brodhead issued a statement saying whatever Spitzer did “is bad enough?”

Is Brodhead looking forward to a trial at which Spitzer will have his chance to be “proved innocent?”

Will Chronicle Editor David Graham put a news blackout on the Spitzer story as The Chronicle did when Until Proven Innocent co-author Stuart Taylor spoke critically at Duke about some of The Chronicle's favorite administrators and faculy?

And what about Spitzer himself?

Will Spitzer use Brodhead's “the facts kept changing” defense?

Has Spitzer said "it’s time to move on?”

The disbarred Nifong told us here in Durham he “wants to help lead the healing.”

If Nifong offers to do the same in Albany, will Spitzer invite him up?

Stay tuned.

Update: A Chronicle news blackout reports Duke student newspaper's blackout of Until Proven Innocent co-author Stuart Taylor's speech at Duke.

The Chronicle has refused to explain its blackout.


Anonymous said...

Fun questions.

I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Spitzer is as crooked as they come. He is in everyone's pockets and is using his Governorship to dole out favors and expects favors in return. This is from a long time New Yorker who knows Spitzer and gets a bad taste in my mouth every time I say his name. The majority of NY politicians are corrupt and the Federal Government sits back and does nothing. Elected officials, Judges, Police and big business...everybody has greed and power on their agendas. NY makes Durham look like angels.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:01 :

At least you don't live in Jersey. Your politicians look like choirboys compared to ours. Maybe Spitzer should move to NJ and run for governor when NY boots him out, he'd fit right in. :)

Peg said...

I'm in NY. It never ceases to amaze me the malevolent bad actors who get elected in both NY and NJ.

I come from SoCal. The NE makes all of CA look like choirboys. Bleugh.

Anonymous said...

Is all this a plot to make Hillary look bad?

What does Bill say?

Anonymous said...

What's going on at Duke is very bad.

You expect college administrations and faculty to play race games and slam white students who don't spout the PC line.

But when a student newspaper gets in bed with them ....

Like I say it's very sad.

Anonymous said...

"The majority of NY politicians are corrupt and the Federal Government sits back and does nothing." What can the Fed do? Shouldn't the people of NY do something first, like voting the crooks, at least the obvious ones like Spitzer, out of office? In Illinois, we voted out a crook,... and voted in another. In the next federal election, we are very likely to vote in a "super" crook as the next president. May be most, if not all, politicians are crooks. We just have to get rid of them one crook at a time.

Milhouse said...

Spitzer and Giuliani are temperamental twins. They're both bullies, with no compunctions about using the power of the law to destroy people in order to enhance their own reputations. If some of the people they convict are guilty, so much the better, but that's strictly a secondary consideration with them. That's the reason I would never vote for either of them.

If Giuliani gets the GOP nomination I will not vote for him, even if he's running against the Wicked Witch of Westchester.

Anonymous said...

Sooo... I agree that most politicians can't handle the power and stay honest.

But why do we have that problem?

I believe it is because the MSM has made running for political office, and living through a term, so AWFUL for the candidates and their families that most GOOD and HONORABLE people don't want to subject themselves to the trauma.

When our country was founded, like most countries in the beginning, we had people who were willing to lay down their lives for what they thought was right. They were unselfish and visionary.

Today, many of the people running for office are willing to take money and life and freedom from others so that they can stay in power.

They are selfish and greedy.

We have gotten ourselves into a mess, and I believe the greatest fault is that of the MSM... who are relentless bloodhounds salivating after the juciest little gossip tidbit so they can discredit the candidate. Instead of focusing on the issues, they focus on the person. Instead of real journalism, they want pulp fiction.

The editors have to sell papers.

Gossip sells quicker than a discussion of economic issues.

It takes huge amounts of money to run a campaign. So where does the money come from?

It's a MESS.