Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The N&O Remembers The Left

If you’re part of America’s Left, The Raleigh News & Observer didn’t forget you this Veterans Day.

On its front-page, above the fold Sunday, November 11, the N&O headlined:

A broken vow, a soldier's torment
Monday, the official observance of Veterans Day, the N&O’s front-page, above the fold headlined:
Mother's questions revive battle's horror
Patty Desens cannot escape the grief that swallowed her when her son died in Iraq. Guard leader Chad Stephens cannot escape her need to know more.
When you saw those headlines, you had to know the N&O cared about you, didn’t you?

The stories must have brought back memories of how hard the N&O and other Leftist news organizations worked to bring you those same Abu Ghraib photos dozens and dozens of times.

And remember the quotes from leading Democrats like Senator Ted Kennedy about Saddam’s prison system now under American military management?

Nothing's been too much to make our military in Iraq look as bad as possible.

Anyway the N&O can slime the military helps undermine what America’s government, currently led by President Bush, is trying to do in Iraq.

You and your fellow Leftists are cool with that.

But other people – the kind who put “country before party” - were catching on to what the N&O’s been doing, so the N&O now relies as much as possible on “psycho and misfit” stories.

You know how they work: Present the men and women who served in Iraq (and anywhere else) as pathetic, confused, and unable to fit back into civilian society and you help make what America is doing look bad.

So far the N&O’s “psycho and misfit” stories aren’t as bad as the slimes John Kerry and his “winter soldier” buddies peddled concerning Vietnam vets.

But they have the same purpose: to get people to back away from supporting America’s fight against terrorists.

It’s a simple but often effective formula the N&O uses:

1) Take a soldier or veteran who may have a war-related problem or may just be complaining of one, and hype it by turning it into a front-page story;

2) Ignore the vast majority of soldiers and veterans who lead purposeful and successful lives;

3) Above all else, ignore as much as possible successes the military has on the battlefield while publicizing as quickly and loudly as possible any charge, however suspect, America’s enemies level against the military.

If you’re a Leftist, remember to thank the N&O for its service.


Anonymous said...

N&O chooses to SPIN ....

NOT a credible source of info

Is there any doubt?

Anonymous said...

With all respect, I have to disagree, John. Have you read the series? I have a friend in Iraq now and know others who have served. They appreciate any attention to the issues that veterans face. The N&O's stories don't, IMHO, reflect a political tilt. They reflect the realities of war. Certainly, all veterans don't face such issues when they return. But I'd say most of them know somebody who has. And they all appreciate the attention. Just my 2 cents.

scott said...

12:11 AM --

Your friends and acquaintances who have served ... the ones who appreciate any attention to the issues that veterans face ...

Do you really believe they appreciate hearing the MSM sources such as the N & O report tales of anguish again and again?

What about heroic efforts that present the military and its members / mission in a more positive light? They are a reflection of the realities of war too. Don't you think those friends and acquaintances would appreciate some reporting along those lines as well?

It's called balance.

JinC's point wasn't that tales of woe should never be covered, but rather that that is all that is covered by the MSM day in, day out.

Especially on the one day a year that is set aside to remember the sacrifices that veterans have made in keeping this country free, would it be too much to ask that our media outlets let go of their OBVIOUS political bias and present some information that doesn't disparage the military?