Monday, September 10, 2007

KC at Duke: A Q&A, DAs & taping.

The distinguished historian Robert KC Johnson's been in the forefront of the fight to stop the injustices of now disbarred Durham DA Mike Nifong and his enablers in the Duke/Durham community.

Tuesday, September 11, KC will be at Page Auditorium on Duke's West Campus.

Directions to the event are here along with other information.

The public's invited. There's no admission charge.

Now an update:

KC's talk will last about 45 minutes. If you've ever heard him speak, you know he's an organized and thoughtful speaker who assumes his listeners' are intelligent and want to know the facts.

Following KC's talk, they'll be a 45 minute Q&A

And what about the DAs, you ask?

Those would be defense attorneys.

A number of the attorneys who defended the falsely accused Duke students will be there tomorrow night.

I'll be sure to speak to at least one of them if by tomorrow afternoon I'm indicted by a Durham grand jury.

Mind you, I'm not expecting that to happen, but it's nice to know the attorneys will be there just in case.

One other item: You can audio or video tape KC's talk and the Q&A.

Now some of you may be saying: "But at the February Shut Up forum at Duke with all those Group of 88 professors and their colleagues talking, we weren't allowed to tape. Why are we being allowed to tape the event with KC?"

That's a fair question.

I hope some of the Group of 88 who read this blog will tell us why the Feburary Shut Up event couldn't be taped.

And I hope many of you will be there tomorrow night.


Locomotive Breath said...

The February event was taped. By the organizers. They won't release it. Over the summer I talked to an African and African American Studies major, a name we would all recognize, who said that even AAAS majors aren't allowed to view it.

I wonder if Diane Nelson is going to take off her shirt or bring her knife and string? Fortunately, KC won't use this as an opportunity for such a vacuous exercise.

Anonymous said...

KC was a big bust at Duke. Was that really him? Virtually no one was there, he is an inarticulate bumbling rambler, and the questions I heard seemed as though they were planted.