Monday, September 10, 2007

Johnsville News’ Pics Questions

The Johnsville News has a don’t miss post today which begins:

The Duke lacrosse party pics helped prove that "something 'did not' happen" at the party.

So why did Mike Nifong, many in the mainstream media, and lots of people ignore this important evidence?

Dan Abrams of MSNBC first showed the alibi party photos on April 19th, 2006. He had seen and talked about them on April 14th. The defense attorneys vouched for their authenticity.

The NC Attorney General relied upon them to create a detailed timeline for the incident.

They were key evidence in supporting the players innocence. The photos were the linchpin for The Johnsville News lacrosse party timeline (the first one), which was started on April 21st, 2006.
TJN includes links and photos in its post before concluding:
It is truly amazing that the lacrosse party photos and the March 16th police photo were ignored by so many.

Pupils in the "something happened" school of retardation had to also fake blindness in order to justify their belief.
TJN’s post brought to mind the old expression: There are none so blind as those who won’t see.

In the case of the Duke Hoax, there were many in MSM who were “blind” because they didn’t want to see the players declared innocent and Mangum, Nifong and their “activist” and Duke faculty allies exposed for peddling falsehoods most of MSM had helped hype.

MSM’s “blindness” last Spring included failing to produce pictures and descriptions of the very small bathroom in the lacrosse party house which Mangum claimed was the place where three large athletes beat and raped her for 30 minutes.

People who’ve been in that bathroom tell me if the public had realized how small the bathroom is, they’d have been asking: “How could four people all squeeze in there and do all the things the accuser and Nifong are saying happened?”

But MSM outfits didn’t show the bathroom then and they haven’t shown it since.

It’s fair to ask whether MSM’s failure to show us the bathroom even now isn’t because they don’t want the public to see how shamelessly most of MSM misled us on the Hoax.

Be sure to take a look at TJN’s post here.


Anonymous said...

Is there a picture of the small bathroom on the web?