Friday, September 14, 2007

Blog Hooligan Wit

At Liestoppers Blog Hooligans folks are now talking about the possibility the Feds will come to Durham to have a look at what Nifong, DPD and others did trying to frame innocent people and then cover it up.

One comment led to another and the matter of the impending suits against the city melded into the comments as did the upcoming Durham election.

About that point kbp said:

So the next campaign we'll read about will be
That was quickly followed by Maggief with:
Reads like a campaign bumper sticker...

Re-elect Mayor Bill Bell


Anonymous said...


I have a couple of observations.

1. Barry Scheck and Brendan Sullivan Jr did not come to Durham to settle.

2. This appears to be payback time for the three lax families. They have armed themselves with the legal eqivalent of WMDs. This corrupt community is about to inherit the wind.


Anonymous said...

I have supported the guys against rape charges since Day One but I hope Durham fights this greed tooth and nail.

Anonymous said...

Since three innocent young men are no longer in jeopardy, laughter is everywhere. Besides clever comments, the screeds and rants and fantantic (and silly) lies are just funny. When the other side was enjoying the hoax, they were enjoying their anger and hatred. Now they're just funny. Like 3:05. Seriously, since Day One?

Anonymous said...

Now that I hear that the Feds might be taking a serious look, I realized--anew--that this Hoax is a gift that just keeps on giving.

Anonymous said...


"It's Not About the Money, Stupid!"