Monday, September 10, 2007

Dems' "General Betray Us" ad

The Democrats at and the New York Times teamed up today, the eve of the 6th Anniversary of 9/11, to produce the General Betray Us ad. You can get a look at it here at Q and O.

Be careful with your comments. You know how Dems hate it when anyone questions their patriotism.

BTW – You’ll have a chance to vote for a Dem for President next year. The General Betray Us ad is intended to help convince you to vote for Senator Hillary Clinton or whomever else the Dems select in ’08 to be General Petraeus’ and our troops’ next commander-in-chief.

Also BTW – I’m not a Republican but I could never belong to the party that’s fighting to smear Petraeus and defeat what he and our troops are trying to do in Iraq.

What about you?

Hat tip: Mike Williams


DukeEgr93 said...

I was about to ask you to char-grill the ad, because I knew that you would be much better at it than I and it deserves the touch of a Master Chef. I should have known you'd beat me to the asking. :)

MoveOn has become a four letter word in so many ways...

Anonymous said...

So why do you have to say "BTW< I'm not a Republican...."?

You make it sound like that is something to apologize for.

Not cool

Anonymous said...

I am a Democrat but going with Rudy or McCain.