Sunday, April 05, 2009

Comments re: Soros Doctrine in Obama’s Foreign Policy

Comments re my post - Soros Doctrine in Obama’s Foreign Policy - are in italics; my responses are in plain.

Tarheel Hawkeye said - - -

George Soros is a thorough-going evil man. His background of being Hitler Youth in his native Hungary and later a Young Communist League member has always been written off by him as "mandatory for all Hungarian youths," but it served the purpose of fouling his mind and corrupting his ethics.

As an internationalist, he now espouses selective parts of both National Socialism and Marxism-Leninism. Most importantly, he now controls the entire leftwing of the Democrat Party and is the Funder-in-Chief for all of Saint Barack's political agenda items.

He keeps a very low profile with the active assistance of the mainstream media and even Fox News has seemed to let up on Soros of late.

If there is any one person who should be the number one enemy of our culture and our constitutional form of government it is undoubtedly George Soros.

Ditto to everything you’ve said.

Anon @ 5:04 - - -

I truly believe George Soros is the devil incarnate. I am hard-pressed to find any issue with which we agree.

Anyone who looks at this world, sees the wicked people running parts of it and other wicked people seeking to run the rest, and then decides what he'll do is help bring down America - -

that person may not be the devil incarnate, but he's sure doing the devil's work.

Anon @ 10:26 - - -


"devil incarnate"

They both fit.

So does "Obama supporter."

Many of the Democratic Party’s “interest groups” and “advocacy groups” are either beholden to Soros or effectively his wholly-owned subsidiaries.” And they're linked closely to Team Obama.

Anon @ 11:22 - - -

Soros is KGB / FSB -- seriously.

I can’t say I know that. I’ll give Soros the benefit on that.

But he surely knows much of what he does fits the KGB/FSB agenda. And he never seems troubled by that.

Scott S said - - -

I don't see any reason why a country should act against its own self interests.

But both the US and Israel are expected to, even told to by others.

I'd never heard of Soros before the election, but his name is popping up now that I'm paying attention.

People who care about America and its allies' defense of Western civilization need to pay careful attention to Soros. He’s trying to tear it down.

We also need to guard against being fooled by his government, media and academic knowing flacks and others who enable him simply because they are what Lenin called “useful idiots.”

I thank each of you for commenting.

More about Soros, his flacks and those “useful idiots” tomorrow.


Brian Barker said...

Did you know that George Soros would not be a billionaire, if it were not for the international language Esperanto?

Born in Hungary in 1930 as Gyorgy Schwartz, the family changed its name in 1936 to Soros, which in Esperanto means "to soar" . The Esperanto name change was an effort to protect the Jewish family from the rise of fascist rulers and the whole family spoke Esperanto at home.

As a native Esperanto speaker, (someone who has spoken Esperanto from birth), George Soros defected to the West in 1946, while attending an Esperanto youth meeting in Berne, Switzerland.

The language enabled Soros both to defect, and become the 28th most wealthy person in the World according to the Forbes Rich List.