Monday, April 06, 2009

All carrots, no sticks

Jennifer Rubin at Contentions describes "the modus operandi we have seen to date from the Obama team."

They don’t much believe in acquiring or wielding leverage to gain a bargaining advantage with foes.

They are the team that believes in grand gestures, chats with Dimitri Medvedev, and bows to Abdullah the Great.

They think expressions of “respect” for the “Islamic Republic of Iran” will melt the mullahs’ hearts.

And they don’t see why they shouldn’t scurry back to the six-party talks with North Korea despite a missile stepping on the president’s lines.

They flatter themselves that they can flatter their international opponents.
Take a look at Rubin's post - "All carrots, no sticks"


Anonymous said...

North Korea is a child of Stalin. Kim Il-song was a Major of Artillery in the Red Army in "The Great Patriotic War" which we call WWII. At the time, he used his own name, Kim Song-chu. The real Kim Il-song was a patriotic anti-Japanese fighter but was put under house arrest in 1945 when Kim Song-chu assumed his identity. He did this because he knew all Koreans knew Kim Il-song, but nobody knew Kim Song-chu.
North Korea made a game of playing the Soviets off against the Red Chinese from its inception until the fall of the Soviet Union. The North Koreans are adept at such games and continue today to play the West off against China and China off against the West.
The point is that dealing with North Korea isn't remotely like dealing with any other nation. For Obama to attempt to influence North Korea's actions by "talking to them" is the height of wishful thinking. This young American president whose qualifications are limited to experience as a community organizer in Southside Chicago is dealing with some down-and-dirty professional scam artists and Obama is using the Marquess of Queensbury rules.
It's much like when the Republicans try to work with the Democrats in congress. The Republicans play ball with them and they jam the bat up the GOP butts. One would think that Obama was smart enough to recognize that the North Koreans and Al Qaeda are more like his own party than anything. You can't trust any of 'em, sez I. I welcome anyone who disagrees with me to offer rebuttal.
Tarheel Hawkeye