Tuesday, April 07, 2009

They Say It’s Not About Money

With an eye toward saving some public funds, a bill’s been introduced in North Carolina’s General Assembly which would permit towns, cities and counties to place public notices on their Web sites. That way, the local governments won’t have to do what they do now: pay to have the announcements published in area newspapers.

The N. C. Press Association is strenuously opposed to the bill. (no surprise there) It’s even produced ads telling the public why it should oppose the bill. You can view them here.

Dan Gearino has an excellent post – “Really, it’s not about the money” - chiding the Press Association for the content of the ads.


Anonymous said...

What the newspapers do not address in their protest against the NC House Bill is that many people are no longer reading newspapers (that is the reason why their revenue stream is down - few readers, no reason for advertisers to pay sums of money to purchase ad spacebecause that money can be better spent elsewhere). City and country governments need to post notices where they can be accessed by the most people - hence posting on their web sites makes the most sense legally as well as financially (a savings also for the taxpayer).
I also find it insulting that members of the grey haired set (which includes yours truly) are portrayed as unable to master the computer. All those older than I that I know (including several elderly aunts, my parents, their acquaintances) are very computer literate. While I am a creature of habit (as are they) in the sense that my mornings begin with reading the newspaper (I guess that I somehow have a taste for newsprint flavored pastries", that does not mean that I also do not "read" via the computer various other news sources.