Thursday, April 09, 2009

UK Police Arrest Pakistanis In Suspected Al-Qaeda plot

The Daily Telegraph has the story here.

DT leads with a video report but I recommend you read the print story first for background to the video.

That everyone from reporters to the Prime Minister are using the words “Pakisantis” and “Pakistan” is progress for Britain where media and government officials usually use PC euphemisms such as “the suspect are Asians.”

The most sensible line in the video came from a former police administrator who said: “People in this country need to wake up.”

They sure do.

There’s much I admire about the Brits, but they’ve been too lovey-dovey in responding to domestic terror threats and those in their midst who incite contempt for Britain’s traditional values while excusing the terrorists.

Many of us in America are that way, too.

The civilized world is in a war with terrorists. Team Obama may not understand that but the terrorists certainly do.

DT entire reporting’s here.

Hat tip: Drudge Report