Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Soros Doctrine In Obama's Foreign Policy

Kyle-Anne Shiver at American Thinker (excerpts) - - -

... [A]ny careful observer would be inclined to make special note of [George] Soros' ever-present insistence that American foreign policy be formulated in a way that puts international objectives ahead of U.S. objectives. Soros expects the U.S. to subjugate herself to what he believes will help the whole world, not merely us and our interests.

So, what doctrines does Soros specifically advocate?

1) - - - The United States should use its position of financial and military might to "lead a cooperative effort to improve the world by engaging in preventive actions of a constructive character."

2) - - - The United States should increase foreign aid to all who need it. Soros believes that by giving grants, as opposed to loans, to developing countries, we make friends and give people what they need, thereby decreasing the incentives for making war against us.

3)- - - Terrorists have always been with us, Soros insists, and terrorism requires "police action," not wars based upon "imperialist intentions."

4) - - - Only an international body (such as the U.N.) can solve the problem of terrorism as it is an inherently international problem.

5) - - - The Bush Doctrine of holding host nations responsible for their support and protection of terrorist entities shuts down the necessary diplomatic channels, which would otherwise lead to joint solutions.

The bottom line is that George Soros is an internationalist; he always has been. (all emphases added) He has even said that the only thing the U.S. does for him is issue his passport, which is itself an obsolete instrument of the even more obsolete nation-state concept.

Soros Doctrines and President Obama

President Obama's Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has begged the Chinese to support our debt, while sloughing off human rights abuses by the communist regime and has praised the environmental efforts of our Mexican neighbor, while making no mention of the flood of Mexican illegal immigrants invading our southern borders.

Madame Clinton has finger-wagged our Israeli allies, while securing $900 million in American aid to the beleaguered Palestinians (read Hamas) while there are no demands on them to stop firing rockets into Israel. Madame Clinton has additionally pledged a $200 million scholarship fund for Palestinians.

Buying friends is a staple of Soros foreign policy. Greased palms, he seems to believe, provide a great deal of "cooperation."

Candidate Obama echoed this view in his Berlin citizen-of-the-world address, stating,

"Partnership and cooperation among nations is not a choice; it is the one way, the only way, to protect our common security and advance our common humanity."

Adhering to Soros doctrine again, President Obama has declared that the United States is no longer engaged in a "Global War on Terror." We are now conducting "overseas contingency operations."

For seven long years, George Soros vociferously attacked Bush for declaring war on terrorism, calling the Global War on Terror a "false metaphor," which inevitably resulted in catastrophic civilian casualties, in turn creating more terrorists for the future.

In addition, Obama has echoed Soros' objection to Gitmo and has declared that it will be closed within the year.

Obama seeks to revert to the failed Clinton policy of treating terrorism as an international policing problem, and plans to rely on the Soros doctrines of cooperation, international law and law enforcement actions that do not use military force except for police functions.

Interestingly, President Obama's intention to deploy 21,000 additional troops to Afghanistan falls into what Soros counts as a police function.

The original intention of Operation Enduring Freedom (War in Afghanistan) was to capture Osama bin Laden, destroy al-Qaeda, and remove the Taliban regime which had provided support and safe harbor to al-Qaeda.

If bin Laden is ever captured, then presumably the Afghan "contingency operation" will end and President Obama will work out a peace accord with the "moderates" of the Taliban, as Pakistan has done.

When President Obama announced last week his intention to add 4,000 troops to the earlier declared 17,000 additional forces to Afghanistan, he added that he intends to garner Congressional approval for a $15 billion aid package for Pakistan. The $15 billion for Pakistan's leaders will most likely be approved, in spite of our own intelligence evidence, which concludes the Pakistan government is using our money to finance the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Taliban is killing U.S. soldiers, using our own money, funneled through the middleman, Pakistan. ...

Shiver's entire article's here. It's a "don't miss."

Hat tip: Mike Williams


Anonymous said...

George Soros is a thorough-going evil man. His background of being Hitler Youth in his native Hungary and later a Young Communist League member has always been written off by him as "mandatory for all Hungarian youths," but which served the purpose of fouling his mind and corrupting his ethics. As an internationalist, he now espouses selective parts of both National Socialism and Marxism-Leninism. Most importantly, he now controls the entire leftwing of the Democrat Party and is the Funder-in-Chief for all of Saint Barack's political agenda items. He keeps a very low profile with the active assistance of the mainstream media and even Fox News has seemed to let up on Soros of late. If there is any one person who should be the number one enemy of our culture and our constitutional form of government it is undoubtedly George Soros.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

I truly believe George Soros is the devil incarnate. I am hard-pressed to find any issue with which we agree.

Anonymous said...


"devil incarnate"

They both fit.

So does "Obama supporter."

Anonymous said...

Soros is KGB / FSB -- seriously.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any reason why a country should act against it's own self interests. But both the US and Israel are expected to, even told to by others.

I'd never hear of Soros before the election, but his name is popping up now that I'm paying attention.

Scott S.