Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Blogger Responds To N&O Publisher’s Letter

This morning I posted Questioning The N&O’s Publisher About His Open Letter.

Dan Gearino, a former N&O columnist and business editor, also posted in response to publisher Orage Quarles’ letter.

Here’s some of what Gearino said:

This last paragraph is perhaps the most revealing of all.

At a moment when everyone agrees that the newspaper industry’s biggest handicap is its failure to smartly adapt to the digital age, Quarles promises only that the N&O will still “be in your driveway.”

In fact, online readers can’t even find Quarles’ remarks on the N&O’s site — which is why I couldn’t link to them here.

He doesn’t seem to realize that, in fact, the driveway is a graveyard. It’s where newspapers eventually will die, not thrive, as technology pushes relentlessly forward.
Gearino’s entire post's here. I hope you give it a look.


Anonymous said...

If the N&O is not careful, it and the the Herald Sun may find themselves in the situation that Detroit's two rival newspapers found themselves in on Monday. They had agrred to cut out home delivery to only three days per week. For the other four days, subscribers could get trucated versions of their local news on the publishers' websites. This went into effect yesterday - a big news day in Michigan as the possible demise of both GM and Chrysler was a huge news item; there was the firing of the CEO of GM; and of course Michigan State powered its way to the Final Four of the NCAA March Madness. If one wanted to preserve that news for posterity, one would have to look on the publishers newsite and down load it.

Anonymous said...

Just over the wire - the Chicago Sun TImes filed for bankruptcy this orning.