Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Moderate Taliban?

Dated Mar. 13 at Larry Derfner’s U.S. News & World Report’s Mideast Watch blog there’s a post I’m sharing in full with a few comments after it.

Post Title - - - "Arab liberals warn about Obama's opening to militant Islam"

Text - - -

At the same time that liberal Arabs oppose America's pro-Israel tilt, they are worried about the Obama administration's intention to engage diplomatically with radical Islamic forces such as Iran and the Taliban.

Commentator Elias Harfoush writes in Lebanon's Dar al-Hayat of what he says is a harsh lesson learned recently in Pakistan of what comes from dealing with the Taliban:

There is no more obvious proof of the failure of any attempt to lure moderates from Taliban to a political settlement than what the Zardari government in Pakistan did recently.

The Pakistani regime released the hands of the Pakistani branch of Taliban, as it believed that they can be dealt with, in an attempt to regain control of the Swat province.

But what was the result? More murders and torture of those opposed to the movement and more suffering for the people who returned after the truce on the assumptions that stability was restored. More decapitated bodies of singers and artists and people whom the Taliban accuse of doing "indecent" activities, more attacks on female school teachers, including throwing acid at their faces on their way to work or threatening them with murder if they persist in their professions.

As a result, many schools had to close down, while the whole Pakistani province relived the worst days of Taliban rule in Afghanistan before September 11 and the American invasion.

My Comments:

Some people joined the Nazi party for reasons of expediency.

I suppose we could call them “moderate” Nazis.

But as I understand it, Taliban are “true believers” in their medieval and fully evil fanaticism who torture and kill singers, dancers, gays, Christians, independent women and any they suspect of being only “moderate” Taliban.

If that’s true, as I believe it is, there are no “moderate” Taliban.

And what happened in Swat was predictable.


A Duke Dad said...

The extreme Taliban hang their victims upside down, then slice off their heads.

MODERATE Taliban do not hang people upside down before beheading them.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that something like "dynamic apathy?"

Anonymous said...

"Moderate Taliban" is vacuous silliness put forth by Clinton at Obama's behest. This charade is supported and applauded by the lapdogs of the press. Surely Clinton and Obama know there are no moderate Taliban and know this initiative is for show to the clueless left. If not, God help us all.