Friday, March 20, 2009

Dem AIG "Freak Show;" Obama's Special Remark & More

A friend wrote me today - - -

Ed Morrissey has a pretty damning posting at Hot Air proving that Congress and the Administration knew all about the AIG bonuses as early as March 3rd.

Ed comments:

This whole episode has been a farce perpetrated by Congress and the administration to stoke artificial outrage over contractual compensation obligations. It’s a freak show put on by Democrats. They’re giving us populist circuses in order to build a mob mentality — but for what purpose?

What purpose, indeed. Obama and the Dems seem to think they can get away with anything, and maybe they can if the MSM doesn’t start doing its job.

Which makes thisWaPo column even more absurd on its face. Watchdogs of government? If it weren’t for bloggers we might not know about this at all.

There’s also a new blog out that’s a hoot. Obama’s teleprompter has starting giving us “Reflections from the hard drive of the machine that enables the voice of the Leader of the Free World.” Even Peggy Noonan has picked up on it:

It's bummed that it has to work a news conference next week instead of watching "American Idol," it resents being dragged to L.A. in Air Force One's cargo hold "with the more common electronic equipment." It also Twitters: "We are in California! One of the interns gave my panels a quick scrub and I'm ready to prompt for the day." And: "Waiting for my boss's jokes to get loaded for Leno!"

As we saw on Leno, Obama’s gaffes are starting to become the stuff of legend. And if he weren’t poised to do so much damage, it would be fun to just sit back and watch. Apparently he was serious about charging wounded vets for treatment, and now there’s this.

It’s another classic example of the Dems taking a bead on the evil health insurance industry and hitting the Medicare generation (me in a couple of years) right between the eyes.


Anonymous said...

I would ask all reasonable people to consider this: If George Bush or Dick Cheney had made the thoughtless and snarky remark about special olympics athletes, do you suppose it would have been handled the same as Obamessiah's gaffe? I guarantee the great leftwing outrage machine would rumble into action and every newspaper, every teevee and cable channel (with the possible exception of Fox News), and all the gossip mags would have the story as their lead for weeks on end. When Saint Barack does it, he puts the story to bed with a casual "oops." And some people wonder why the MSM is held in such low esteem.
Tarheel Hawkeye