Monday, March 16, 2009

Dennis Rogers Post Moved Back

Today I posted A Look Back at Former N&O'er Dennis Rogers . It included a link to his Aug. 2006 column in which Rogers made what he and his editors knew was a false statement about the three innocent young men indicted in the Duke/Durham frame-up attempt.

In the same column Rogers also smeared all the members of the Duke lacrosse team.

I commented in the post concerning both Rogers' falsehood and his smearing.

I also said I'd post further tonight concerning false statements Rogers made just yesterday about the content of this blog and many people who comment here.

I still plan to do that, but not tonight.

Too many other matters have come up as you can see by the post list - six so far today. And I'm working on other posts for tomorrow.

I'll get to the Rogers post in a few days, but right now it's at the back of the line.

In the meantime there's A Look Back At Former N&O'er Dennis Rogers with the link to his column.