Friday, March 20, 2009

Should Obama’s Pick Make UNC Fans Nervous?

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, blogger and former N&O business editor Dan Gearino began a post today - - -

President Barack Obama has picked the University of North Carolina Tar Heels to win the NCAA basketball tournament.

Considering how well Obama has done with his other various choices since taking office, this should make the Heels very, very nervous.

For starters, the chances have just spiked up dramatically that we’ll learn UNC coach Roy Williams sort of, kind of forgot to pay his income taxes for a few years.

Then we’ll find out that UNC, a la AIG, quietly paid hapless former football coach John Bunting a million-dollar retention bonus — and did so last week, long after he’d actually left.

Also, don’t be surprised if, after Obama’s next mention of his plan for health-care reform, Ty Lawson’s ailing big toe falls off from fright. ...

There’s more in Gearino’s post here including his suggestion for how the Heels should handle their #1 pick by President Obama.