Monday, February 02, 2009

Why should Daschle pay his taxes?

He’s a powerful Democrat.

And a favorite of the liberal/leftist MSM.

Isn't he entitled to special consideration just like Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel?

We’re expected to go along with Rangel when he says, “I forgot.”

When Pelosi she says she’s “nonpartisan” and Republicans are “unpatriotic,” what major MSM news org challenges her lies?

As for sticking taxpayers with the costs of his "snuggles" with a live-in male prostitute, can you name a single major news org which, having repeatedly reminded the public Dan Quayle misspelled a word, also reminds the public that Barney Frank said: “I did it as a liberal experiment.” (That’s no joke, folks. If you believe otherwise, check the NYT’s archives.)

Chris Dodd today insisted, “I wasn't 'a friend of Angelo.'”

If that's the case, how'd he get his under-the-table mortgage deal?

Was it with help from influence peddlers like Daschle and Tony Rezko?

Don't you think Dodd should tell the public who helped him get his deal?

Or are you one of those who's happy with "Change?"

Do you believe Daschle really thought getting a “free” chauffeured Cadillac is what happens to South Dakota Democrats when they leave the Senate?

Like the limo's a reward for fulfilling the public's trust?

Daschle will get an "OK " from Senate Dems, MSM/Dem news orgs and President Obama. (Some Republicans, too.)

They want to get on with confirming him and planning our health care.

Obama, Daschle and the rest will make health care in America as cost efficient and successful as the Post Office.

As they do, their MSM news orgs whose businesses are now imploding, will tell us why government health care's "a good thing."

It's sad to see what's happening to America, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Obama had an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that he meant what he said about there would be a chnage in the way Washington operated in an Obama administration. Unfortunately, he blew it.
Here is what he could have done. He could have called a press conference. In the room (indulge my fantasy here) Obama would be sitting at a table. On his left would have been Tim Geithner and on his right, Tom Daschle. Obama would have begun his meeting with the press by extolling the virtues of both men and what they could bring to their respective positions. But then, he would have looked, first to the left and then to the right and said:" As much as these two men have to contribute to the problems facing America, I promised America that an Obama administration was not going to follow the old path. Our country's citizens demand a transparency and honesty of its highest employees. That honesty includes following the laws that all citizens are expected to and do follow. One of the most important duties of a citizen of this country is to obey the tax codes. We expect every citizen to pay his fare share. Yes, the tax code is complicated (a matter that my administration will take up down the road), but just as the ordinary citizen is expected to adhere to the code, so too must all officials in my administration. Unfortunately Tim and Tom, you have not been honest and above board in this regard. I believe you when you say that your mstakes have been honest ones (ok, I am choking as I type this since I firmly believe that both were trying to fudge their taxes). However, it sets a bad example for the rest of the nation if we have cabinet officials (or any government official for that matter) who do not assume their full tax liability at the time said taxes are due. Therefore, I am accepting your withdrawal of your names for the offices of Treasury and Health and Human Services."
I know, I have probably had too much wine this evening - hence my dream. However, I think that Obama, had he done this instead of insisting that these two, despite their "honest tax mistakes" were the best men for the job, would have sent a resounding message to all government officials that honesty would be the coin of the realm.
Geithner and Daschle are either stupid (couldn't figure out Tax Turbo or understand what they read ) or crooks (deliberately trying to avoid paying taxes on their income and taking deductions that were patently false). Take your pick but either way they are not qualified to hold the positions for which they were nominated. I can't believe that they are the only two qualified people in the whole United States to fill the positions for which they were nominated. Both come across as arrogant and insincere.
I will grant you that the tax code as it currently stands is difficult to understand. However, if the ordinary citizen fails to pay his taxes in full or makes errors in his preparation, the hammer of the IRS falls heavily upon him. The "my bad" attitude of these two gentlemen and the willingness of the Senate and the President (as well as the mainstream media) to give them a pass demonstrates that for all of Obama's talk, nothing has or will change.

Anonymous said...

Kwame, defrocked mayor of Detroit, leaves jail tomorrow after serving his 99 days sentence for his part in a sex scandal.

I understand he's interviewing for a job next week.

Anybody know if there are any more cabinet positions open?

Anonymous said...

I just had another idea, John.

I know it wouldn't be but a drop in the bucket, but might it be a good thing if the Obama appointees just coughed up their delinquent tax money and gave it straight to some folks who got soaked in the mortgage scandles?

Anonymous said...

Given the experiences with Rangel, Geithner, Daschle, etc. it seems that one good way to reduce our national deficit is for the IRS to do extensive audits of the tax returns for all of our present and past political/government leaders.


Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi, at one time wanted to "drain the swamp". Now, it appears she is content to ignore it. Classic hypocrite. Obama, it seems, is cut from the same cloth. The only "change" middle America is going to get is what is left over from our wages after the inevitable tax hikes (we, of course, have to pay ours) and looming inflation. Steve in New Mexico