Thursday, February 05, 2009

The White House Press Corps Rope Jumper: A “guess”

Check in with JammieWearingFool for information and comments about the news report which includes:

At the end of an East Room signing ceremony for legislation funding the State Children's Health Insurance Program, an unidentified member of the media jumped the rope penning off reporters from invited guests in an apparent attempt to get Obama's autograph, according to a White House aide. (emphasis JWT's)

Secret Service agents swooped in and stopped him.
I posted here regarding why the liberal/leftist dominated MSM hasn’t said yet who jumped the rope. (You know he's got to be a lib/lefty.)

Tonight JinC Regular Tarheel Hawkeye smiles and offers this “guess:”
They say Chris Matthews suffered a torn Achilles tendon jumping the rope, but the little quivers that ran up his leg deadened the pain. Isn't he precious?
I doubt Chris Matthews was the rope jumper.

Whatever the case, there’s nothing from Tarheel Hawkeye or in JammieWearingFool’s report that would cause Matthews’ fans to worry that his vital organs – lungs and tongue – are anything but AOK.

Meanwhile, we can all continue to ask why no one in the MSM has named that reporter.

I’m staying with the safe bet it's because he’s part of the dominant liberal/leftist White House press corps.

Please let me know if you learn who he is before I do and post about him.