Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tom Daschle 1986 campaign ad

Here's Daschle in 1986 taking South Dakota's voters for a ride.

Like Daschel says, he's not perfect.

Or was that Tony Rezko?

Or am I thinking of Chris Dodd?

Hat tip: AC


Anonymous said...

Is it too early to begin thinking of Saint Barack's house of cards collapsing? One could only wish that Eric Holder had taken the Daschle way out before he damages the Justice Department beyond repair.
Tarheel Hawkeye

JWM said...

Dear TH,

I agree on Holder.

We have an AG who's compromised even before he's sworn.

As for SB's "house of cards collapsing," I think Brit Hume was getting at the same thing tonight on Fox when he said SB gave up Daschle because "the list was starting to get long."



Anonymous said...

Even Maureen Dowd (in today's Times) is critical of Obama (though of course she can't resist the urge to bash Bush as well). My guess is that there will be some more digging into the backgrounds of Obama's choices on the part of journalists looking for their Woodward and Bernstein moment.
What will be interesting to see is whether the Dschle job will be split between two people or whether the HHS position and health czar will remain in the hands of one. Names bandid about are Hoard Dean (won't happen since there is no love lost between Dean and Obama) Donna Shalala (will make the feminists happy since they wanted more female presence though that would give Clinton more backing in the cabinet) the governor of Kansas, Sibelius, who I do not think would want to see her political future crash and burn dealing with HHS, and the governor of Oregon (don't know much about him except I think he was an Emergency room tech or doctor at some point). Since I am home again from school (nine inches of "dusting" - according to our local weathermen) I will have nothing better to do than to keep an eye on the politicans in DC.