Wednesday, January 21, 2009

U. N. affiliated “rights worker” busted for child porn. Says it’s “research.”

Blogger Jammie WearingFool gives us the “stunning” news “not all these U, N. officials are as reputable as they claim to be.”

JWF links to a NY Daily News story which begins - - -

A high-ranking human rights worker with ties to the United Nations was nabbed at Kennedy Airport Tuesday with kiddie porn in his suitcase, officials said.

Clarence Dias, 65, president of the International Center for Law in Development, whose offices are located at the UN, had the smut in his carry-on bag as he passed through security on his way to a flight bound for Bangkok, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Transportation Security Administration officials doing a random bag check around 8:20a.m. allegedly found a DVD whose cover featured an apparently underage nude boy and an adult male in Dias' handbag, prosecutors said.

The video's title - "Winner Pub Pattaya" - apparently refers to a beach resort in Thailand, authorities said. There were also other lewd photographs in the bag, authorities said.

Dias - who holds a doctorate in law from Bombay University and Cornell Law School and has taught at Boston College of Law - claimed the porn was for research, authorities said. …

The rest of JWF's post's here.

My Comments:

Only “for research?”

Now why didn’t President Clinton think of that?

“I know people will find this hard to believe – I actually find it hard to believe myself – but I was only trying to find out what pizza would taste like with an intern under the desk.”

“I needed to know that in order to complete my research report due the following Monday to the U. N. Human Rights Commission.”

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