Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brokaw Ridiculed Wheelchair-bound Cheney. And What About Clinton?

Democrat and NBC newscaster Tom Brokaw couldn’t resist ridiculing outgoing Vice-president Dick Cheney yesterday. Many of you no doubt heard it.

Here’s how Media Research Center reported it with my comments below the star line -

As Dick Cheney was literally rolled out of office, in a wheelchair due to a packing accident, Tom Brokaw had one final kick out the door for the Vice President as he compared him to "Dr. Strangelove," the mad scientist title character from the film of the same name.

During NBC News' live coverage of Tuesday's inaugural ceremonies Brokaw made the following observation of Cheney as he was being ushered towards Barack Obama's swearing-in ceremony at about 11:32am EST:

"It's unfortunate for Vice President Cheney to have had this accident obviously, because there will be those who don't like him, who will be writing tomorrow that he had a Dr. Strangelove appearance as he appeared today in his wheelchair."


My comments:

Brokaw's kick at Cheney got me thinking of what Browkaw would say on air when he saw former President Clinton.

I knew there wasn’t a chance it would be something like:
"It’s unfortunate for former President Clinton that he’ll be attending the official luncheon following the swearing in, because there’ll be those who when they hear about that will think of the times he used to have pizza lunches in the Oval Office with ‘that woman, Ms. Lewinsky,’”