Monday, November 10, 2008

Will Fox & O’Reilly report Dartmouth president’s pajamas speech?

Following last week’s election, Fox’s The O’Rielly Factor carried a “news segment” in which Bill and Fox’s chief political correspondent Carl Carmeron teamed to report and discuss stories Cameron reported hearing from anonymous “McCain insiders.” The “insiders’” stories targeted Gov. Sarah Palin. (See my post: Fox and Fools)

Some of the stories were as incredible as the one our President-elect tells about sitting almost 20 years in Wright’s church and - - - well, you know the rest of it.

Anyone who’s been around political campaigns surely recognized what Bill O’ and Cameron were “reporting” was nothing more than a particularly vicious “dirt dump” by the losing candidate’s staffers who were seeking to shift blame for the defeat from themselves to someone - anyone – else.

Yet without a trace of skepticism or any indication he’d checked with Gov. Palin, Cameron reported wildly improbable “McCain insider stories” such as Palin believing Africa was a county, not a continent.

To that Cameron added in an eager, “you know what else” manner that his “sources” had told him Palin actually thought South Africa was just the southern part of the country of Africa.

O’Reilly, the “no spin” guy, was as credulous as Cameron. His response was to suggest the McCain campaign “could have had her tutored.” There was no "Did you try to confirm any of this with Gov. Palin?"

Cameron went on about "hearing"Palin was “nasty” and had reduced his sources “to tears.”

Among other things she’d done, there was the time McCain aides knocked on her hotel room door and she’d opened it wearing a bathrobe.

Cameron characterized that as “one of the more infamous” things Palin had done and O'Reilly went along, never mentioning that most people have opened doors wearing a bathrobe.

That brings me to the following from a Powerline post by Scott Johnson: DARTMOUTH CELEBRATES THE ADVENT OF OBAMA:

Our Dartmouth correspondent reports from Hanover that the students appearing in the video above marched to Dartmouth President Wright's house on the evening of November 4 and screamed until he came outside in his pajamas to give a speech.
Message to Fox News: Get Cameron up to Hanover to investigate the Dartmouth president’s “infamous” election night appearance before the students. Tell Cameron to get comments from his anonymous McCain “insiders.”

Message to Bill O’Reilly:
Invite the Dartmouth president and some of the students on the show to discuss whether the president did something infamous by speaking in his pajamas.

And of course, Bill, remember to warn them they’re about to enter the “no spin zone.” (Wink!)


Anonymous said...

I thought this was very uncharacteristic of Cameron. O'Reilly is sometimes so full of himself he says dumb things, but "Campaign Carl" is usually pretty savvy. Hmmm.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Could they be more than a little upset that they never got an interview from Palin? BOR has mentioned it several times and suggested that HIS program would have been a far better choice for Palin than Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric.

Just thinking out loud...

Anonymous said...

‘Bilious’ O’ Reilly is taking quite a beating from feminists at GretaWire. Some of Gov. Palin supporters are calling for an outright boycott of the ‘No Spin’ spinner. I personally don’t care for him, so I am joining the boycott. I don’t even have to do a thing.

I agree with Anonymous, Billy was peeved because Gov. P. didn’t come on his show to rebut his gossip. What a phony-baloney he is. A friend of mine calls O’Reilly the human advertisement for the mute button. I can’t argue with that assessment.