Monday, November 10, 2008

Palin on Fox's Van Susteren tonight

In less than an hour Fox will broadcast an “exclusive” it says it Gov. Sarah Palin's first post-election interview.

The network’s Greta Van Susteren flew to Alaska for what we’re told was a lengthy interview

Some of the “McCain insiders’” most unbelievable “disclosures” were peddled by Fox’s credulous, gossipy chief political correspondent Carl Cameron to Fox’s “no spin” guy Bill O’Reilly.

For sure, the “disclosures” broadcast on The O’Reilly Factor told us a lot about Bill O’ and Cameron.

But did they tell us anything much about Gov. Palin besides that fact that “McCain insiders” targeted her for a particularly vicious “dirt dump” O’Reilly, Cameron and Fox executives decided to broadcast?


That’s clear if you view the video and read what by now must be hundreds of columns and blog posts including mine: Fox and Fools and Will Fox report Dartmouth president's pajamas speech?

Going into tonight’s program, I don’t know what Gov. Palin will say.

But I’ll watch it and post on it tomorrow before noon.

In the meantime, thinking of Bill O’Reilly led me to look up definitions of “blowhard.”

They include: "a loud arrogant boaster" and "an exhaustively talkative person."

Do they fit The Bill?

I hope you look in tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

My house has become over the past few years a Bill O'Rielly, Keith Olberban, Chris Matthews, Brian Williams, Rush Limbaugh, and soon entire cable news channel free zone. Anybody who shouts, is rude or in any other way offends me gets a remote beheading. It's my remote so beware loudmouths, one false move and you're outa here.