Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NYT reporter: Obama to get “same scrutiny” as Bush

NY Times’ White House correspondent Sheryl Gay Stolberg is engaging this week in Q&As at the Times Web site. Stolberg’s response to one questioner included this:

As to whether the election of an African American will inhibit my work, I would say not. It will certainly inform my coverage; it is impossible to write about Barack Obama without acknowledging that he has made history. That is part of the public’s fascination with him.

But trust me, he’ll get the same scrutiny that President Bush got, and President Clinton before him. And when he stumbles, as he invariably will, you will hear about it. (emphasis added)
For years beginning in 2000, the MSM, including the Times, whipped themselves into a frenzy trying to discover whether, for example, during 1972 then Lt. George Bush had missed 2 Air National Guard meetings he should have attended while working as a campaign aide in Alabama. (NG payroll records from the time indicate he made those meetings. See here but you have to go to the last few paragraphs of the MSNBC slime-piece to learn that. – JinC)

Who will ever forget Dan Rather and CBS’s 60 Minutes’ Sept. 2004 false TANG story based on forged documents Rather and the network claimed proved Bush hadn’t shown for a required physical in the 1970’s and had therefore been suspended from flying?

Rather and CBS assured everyone the anonymous provider of the documents was “unimpeachable,” even though they knew he was long-time Bush-hater and Democratic activist Bill Burkett. (See here)

Contrast MSM treatment of Bush with the "anything for Obama" coverage Stolberg, the NYT and almost all MSM gave their favored candidate.

In the case of Bush, just the possibility he might have missed two national guard meetings 30 years before set off a frenzy of coverage.

But the Obama MSM Tank Corps had no interest in finding out how their candidate could have sat in a church with a ranting racist, anti-American pastor for almost 20 years and not known what the pastor, his mentor and close friend, was saying; or why Obama and his wife decided to take their children to that pastor’s church for religious instruction?

If you believe Stolberg’s “trust me, he’ll get the same scrutiny that President Bush got,” then you’ll believe I’ve agreed to advance the NYT the $400 million it needs to get through its current cash crunch.

Trust me, the check is in the mail.


Anonymous said...

"He'll get the same scrutiny that President Bush got" ------ As Archer05 so eloguently put it, 'a real coffee spewer". Steve in New Mexico

Anonymous said...

Does history repeat itself? Sorry to say, YES

At the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Obama approached the lectern in Boston a virtual unknown, a representative for 600,000 constituents in Illinois' 13th District.

The operative question was:
Who, exactly, are you? And why, exactly, are you delivering a keynote speech?

At the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Obama approached the lectern in Denver a vitual unknown, a two year Senator from Illinois.

The operative question is:
Who, exactly, are you? And why, exactly, are you delivering an acceptance speech?

Anonymous said...

John, We need to watch Georgia as well. Sen. Saxby Chambliss is gearing up for an intense runoff against Democrat Jim Martin.
MN Recount:
“Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty has waded into the fracas, commenting on the 32 absentee ballots and saying he was concerned ["strange things are happening in the context of this recount.”]
The liberals will use any means to win an election. Fraud is in their DNA now. I fear for Senator Coleman. Democrats have used their battery of thug attorneys for years. I think I fully understand what went on in the Florida 2000 election now. The hatred the leftist loons have hurled at President Bush all these years is that of insane losers. When the fix is in, losing is not an option to the deranged.

Anonymous said...

If you consider how the Obama campaign zealots function, you will conclude there is little difference between them and a religious cult. And like a cult, the Obama "true believers" will justify anything that accomplishes their aims. We're dealing here with people who are experiencing a messianic fervor--rational, ethical, honest behavior is out of the question. The Democrats in Minnesota are on a mission from god to see that Al Franken is elected so he can be one of St. Barack's acolytes in the senate. This is truly frightening.
Tarheel Hawkeye