Thursday, November 13, 2008

The New Obama Rules

We read about them at The Virginian - - -

Given the MSM’s track record as one arm of the Democrat national Committee and the official cheering section of the Obama campaign, it’s little wonder that now that “The One” has been elected bad news is good news.

Exhibit A is the headline that accompanied a recent bombing in Iraq that killed scores of people. Since the US invasion of Iraq, the Obamamedia have used violence as a metric of how badly things were going.

But now that Bush is on the way out and Obama is on the way in:

Iraq bombings show progress, challenges

It's a measure of progress that today's blasts, which killed at least 31 people in Baghdad and more elsewhere, according to the Associated Press, represented the worst day of violence since June.

Yes, believe it or not, bomb blast show how wonderful that world is now that Obama has been elected.

This is lick spittle reporting at it's finest. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

If you thought that the media would try to reclaim the mantle of objectivity, you are fooling yourself. Obama has done no wrong in the past and will do no wrong in the future. I wrote about this in Governing From The Center.

As evidence, exhibit B:

Obama Won’t Meet Everybody’s Expectations

This is Newsweek’s’ preemptive strike in anticipation of Obama failures. The rock star who received the adulation of hundred of thousand of Europe’s youth will, according to Newsweek, not get the world to love us:

America's allies got the candidate they overwhelmingly preferred, but that doesn't necessarily mean America's relationships with the globe will warm instantly. In fact, history is strewn with rock-star presidents whose first years were terrific disappointments for U.S. allies.

But we were told that Obama was the One that the world was waiting for.

What do other Presidents have to do with the global adulation he received even before he was elected? His mere presence electrified all of Europe. What could he possibly do to disappoint the world?

Newsweek goes on to list a few items that Obama promised and suggest he won’t do as he promised. But these are all within the power of a President whose party controls both houses of Congress. So what is Newsweek trying to tell us? ....

The rest of The Virginian’s excellent post is here. Give it a look.

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Anonymous said...

I fear the next 4 years are going to be a rough ride. A lot of very bad road lies ahead. "Gird your loins". Steve in New Mexico

Anonymous said...

"Electrified all of Europe" is an interesting phrase. Europe. Isn't that the crap-hole that our first settlers wanted out of because of its petty quarrels, religious persecution, and despotic practices? Europe. Isn't that the place that has had a major war every decade or so throughout modern history? That Europe? Didn't we bail their sorry @$$es out two times in the twentieth century? That Europe?
The panty-waist little twirps who call themselves "Liberal" today think we should move heaven and earth to get the Europeans to love us. I've got a news flash for them: In my estimation and the estimation of millions of other Real Americans there isn't a single European worth one drop of American blood. The next time one of their brother nations turns on the others we ought to tell them to call somebody who cares.
As an aside, the sole reason so many Krauts showed up at "The One's" rally was because they got a free rock concert for an opening act.
There. I feel much better now.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Hey Hawkeye - You don't have to sugar coat it! Steve in New Mexcio

Anonymous said...

Steve in NM: I don't know what came over me....

Anonymous said...

Hawkeye - Maybe justifiable disgust and rage, delivered with a sprinkling of intelligent sarcasm. S in NM