Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Williams on Campaign '08 today

According to Zogby, McCain has now taken a five point lead over Obama. As the Gateway Pundit notes, that’s a 15 point swing. Instapundit comments: “The good news for Obama: It's a Zogby poll….” ( That made me laugh. - - JinC)

Over at RealClearPolitics, McCain also has an Electoral College lead. (Rasmussen, however, says the numbers still favor Obama.)

Meanwhile, Obama’s credibility problems continue to pile up. His misstatements about infanticide are out in the MSM, his past relations with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers are about to rise up and bite him, and McCain is even starting to outpoll him on the economy.

Plus there’s this:

…Obama calls those who have pointed out his false explanations regarding his Born-Alive vote liars. Obama has a penchant for pejoratives unique among modern presidential candidates. Last week he called Republicans "ignorant." Several times during the campaign he's implied that his opponents are racist. Earlier he derided rural, blue collar Americans as bitter, bible-clinging, gun-toting racist xenophobes. Meanwhile, he yelps at imaginary slights directed at him: yesterday, he once again complained about Republicans questioning his patriotism.

At this rate, if Obama's inaugurated on January 20 his administration officially will be declared insufferable by January 21.

Is buyer’s remorse setting in on the eve of the Democratic National Convention? Are Obama’s Invesco tickets (they feature upside down American flags) a subliminal message of distress? And why is Obama suddenly selling these tickets when he’s been telling people all along that they’re free?

With Pennsylvania now in play, Obama has also reversed course on handing out walking around money in Philadelphia, so perhaps his flip-flop on public financing isn’t turning out all that well. Or maybe Mark Shields of PBS was really onto something when he said Obama couldn’t pass a lie detector test….



Anonymous said...

John -

In the end, the only poll that matters is the one in November, so let's not get our hopes up.

Also, please look into the following story about the files at the University of Illinois at Chicago library regarding the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. The files may cast some light on the relationship of William Ayers and St. Barack. They are mentioned in an article by Stanley Kurz where he recounts how the papers are, somewhat mysteriously, no longer publicly available. The link is at:

There is now a follow-up by Kurz and the possibility that the files may be in danger of being lost. That can be found at:

Jack in Silver Spring